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Having Women In Your Life
By: Swinggcat



Today I'm going to share with you something that I talk about in my book. If you aren't currently doing what I am about to tell you, DOING IT WILL increase your success with women a hundred and fifty percent...if not more.

Never ask forgiveness for the sexual beast inside you

By: Derek Vitalio


Never ask a woman for sex.

Never paw at a woman for sex.

Never settle for mercy sex.

Asking for sex is like begging, and youíll lose all respect from your woman.

Opening and Conversation Tips

By: NeoSpartan


Having trouble opening and carrying a conversation???????

††††††This is one of those things that really affects a lot of guys and, like all else, takes actual effort to fix. HOWEVER, there are a few things you can do make the learning curve less steep.

Eliminate Annoying Habbits
By: Derek Vitalio

Often in a relationship itís tempting to loosen up and get more comfortable letting go of our annoying or bad habits in front of our woman.

But the playboy doesnít let bad habits decrease his social value in front of his woman.

After all, would James Bond fart in public? Pick his nose? Belch? Chew his fingernails? Crack his knuckles?

The Art of Seduction
By: Gambler
We identify it as The Art of Seduction because seducing a woman is an art.Like playing an instrument to create beautiful music, you are seducing the woman to bring out emotions in her and to persuade her to fall for you.You can take a scattershot approach to the art of seduction, or you can study it like any other art and then apply your techniques for constant and better results.Here is how to be a master in the art of seduction:
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