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Pick Up Overview

By: Hypnotic


There are several phases you must go through in order to successfully seduce a woman, this will be a quick overview of the entire process.

The first step involved in picking up a girl is beginning a conversation, this is what we call opening. This can be ignored if you've been introduced by say a friend for example but for the purpose of this article the girl you're picking up will be someone you've never met before. A smooth opener should be done without hesitation and remember, itís just an opener nothing more. So you've been in the set for a minute or two now and because you threw out a time constraint the group or girl feels comfortable talking to you. Easy so far right? If you are able to switch topics and chat to the group about whatever you want you have successfully opened. Your next move is to build attraction for yourself. Walking into the room you had a good looking girlfriend with you, thatís given you value, even though you may not have realized it. You start telling a funny story, the group laughs you continue to be the center of attention. Winning the group over wasn't hard at all now was it... nahh...What the hell do I do now? Well letís see, you've jumped into a set, successfully opened the group and managed to get a normal conversation going, you then displayed value through the people you're with and the funny stories you have told. But now what? Qualifying is a quick way to make her feel like she's worked for your approval. Nobody likes things to come easy everybody wants something that a) they can't have and b) something they've worked for. So after you've pointed out that she's really cute itís too bad she's not your type, she seeing you as a person of value, snaps back and tryís to prove herself to you. Pushing and pulling her mentally will do wonders, woman tend to always look deeper into things then men do. **OMGwtf did he really mean that**. She's taken the bate and you've started to qualify her, continuing to qualify her will be easier once you Isolate. Since you've befriended the entire group, they won't mind you pulling the friend away... just for a second. You pull her away now in hopes of building a better rapport with her, good plan. Having the feeling that you two have known each other for years will make her all the more comfortable around you. And since you've been slowing building up rapport from the beginning, your touch will not seem strange, more normal and exciting. Just think, if a hot girl comes up to you and says hello, it will leave and impact; however, if she came up to you and put her arm around you and said hello you would be thinking about that for the next 15 minutes. Back on track, comfort building is suppose to be done somewhere in the middle if you look at it in a linear way. A lot of guys tend to make the mistake of jumping into set and trying to build rapport with the target right away. This is going to accomplish nothing but "I have a boyfriend" or you might even get the 300 lb war pig she's with after you. Running through the venue Indiana Jones style with a large chick with a moustache trailing closely behind isnít that alpha, so try to avoid this.(remove this from good copy). So do not jump in head first, take your time, let them see what a unique person you are and how you are different then every other guy (by not hitting on the hot one right away). Furthermore, letís say you've done the first few steps right and your looking for a one night stand, a crowded venue is hardly the place to shag, OH BEHAVE! Always have a condom with you whenever you go out, wrap it before you tap it! So you grab her by the hand and you're off to your place to show her your ferocious teacup Chihuahua named bubbles who likes to sleep by your crotch at night. Awesome, a good excuse to bring her back without saying "maybe you should come back to my place to have sex and if your lucky a bottle of wineĒ. If everything has gone well thus far be smooth and if you face any resistance, do not fight it, simply avoid it and find another way around. Seduction can happen on the first night or it may take a couple hours of being together before she's ready. Two steps forward and one step back. She will comply eventually; itís just a matter of time.

Pickup is a numbers game, increase your play and increase your odds. Practice out in the field is what separates the boys from the men.

Sarge on.

Opening: Opening is far more simple than it appears to be. All youíre looking to accomplish with your opener is starting a normal conversation. This can be done many ways; for example, Hi. To start off many people like to use canned openers. Having 2 or 3 in the back of your head can help ease nervousness and stop you from hesitating when its time to approach. There are different kinds of openers, the main ones I like to use are situational and opinion.

Situational openers derive from whateverís going on around you, if you like making witty comments then open with that.

Ex. those are nice shoes....my 10 year old niece has a pair just like them.

Opinion Openers are very common and do a good job of flying under the radar. With topics like jealousy and and relationships, itís easy for woman to jump right in and give their 2cents. The key however is to make this believable. Walking up and jumping right into it can sometimes work but they will often stand there and wonder... why the hell he is asking this. So when you come in and say Ex. Hey guys, I've got to get going in a sec but I want a quick opinion on something. How long would you wait after breaking up with someone before you start dating their friend? Ok well my buddy I was just talking to broke up with his girlfriend yesterday and he's wondering if he can go right ahead... or he should give it some time!

False time constraints are put in because right off the bat you want to know why this stranger is talking to you and how long they're going to be there for. Notice the FTC in the above opinion opener example? I've got to get going in a sec. Itís that simple, another common one is I've got to get back to my friends but. You put them in to put the group at ease, don't over-complicate this.

Attraction is the value you possess. If she finds you more valuable then herself... she will be inclined to get to know you better. Hence why we come in with a girl on your side, this is called social proof. Other girls like to be around you, she will too.

To gain attraction people will sometimes use the neg theory. This is the idea of disqualifying her and letting her know she's not perfect. Its done in a sincere way however, as to not look like you are purposely bashing her. This technique can be as simple as informing her she has something in her teeth, nobody likes to be told they have food in their teeth :). Building attraction in her eyes is what this phase is all about. You will however express your interest in her as well but thatís what qualification is for.

Qualification, this is done in order to slowly show your interest in her because she's worked for it. She wants to feel like you've decided to get to know her for more than her looks. You can actually put that into a question when qualifying and ask her to list her 3 favorite qualities about herself, and it can't be looks.

Isolate or masturbate my friends, itís that simple. If you canít pull the girl away from the group you're going to get cock blocked... badly! Make sure you've display higher value to the entire group so when you pull away your target they won't think your a total creep. This is where a wingman is helpful in keeping the obstacles occupied while you start to get to know the girl better.

Rapport is built through touch and level of comfort. If you've attracted and qualified her then youíre onto comfort. Comfort is a phase most people are good at; they just start it too soon. In this phase questions like "whatís your favorite childhood memory" and "where do you plan on being 5 years from now come out". If you tried a cold read earlier and said something like, ďI can totally tell, you are an only child". Now would be the time to look into that more, would she have liked to have a sister or a brother? Then branch off of that. Whatís important to you, what kind of values do you hold... does she see things the same way you do? Get to know her a little better; she might actually be an interesting person!

Seduction is a topic which we could write numerous articles about; however, this article is not meant to be a sex guide, merely a tool to help get you closer to this goal.


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