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Pick-up Success - More Places and Techniques

By: Derek Vitalio

More girls, more places, more more more!

Camera Pick-Up

This is different from the more advanced camera technique, in that it’s about meeting a girl using your digital camera.

There are a couple variations, and they can work just about anywhere – although bars and scenic spots are best.

The first way, you offer to take a picture of a group of ladies to take a shot of some ladies setting up for a photo and trying to figure out who to ask. You know the situation. So now you’ve got confidence and a sparkle of gallantry going for you.

Now you want to have some playful conversation – like the previous technique, you set them up a bit, move them around, perhaps slightly hands-on, but not too much, and only in a natural I-do-this-with-everyone way. After you take the first shot, make a joke about the faces they make, have them do it again. Get them laughing and enjoying themselves – this works especially well in a tourist spot with ladies just out having a good time, no schedule.

Learn a little bit about what they’re doing, find out their next plan. If they don’t have one, invite them along to join you. If they’ve got an idea, nothing works better than “Yeah, that’s a nice spot… but I know a better one which isn’t in the guide books. I’m actually heading that way soon, if you want me to show you the way.”

Or, you can take it a whole different direction, and ask THEM to guide YOU. If you’ve made them laugh enough during the photo shoot, they’ll likely invite you along. If not, say “I know (or heard about) this great place to grab a coffee and relax. I’m going there at 4 – why don’t I meet you there? Lots of good restaurants and bars for later in the evening in the area too.” Odds are they’ll be more than happy to join you.

Second technique, same as the first, but get one of the ladies to snap your picture – then offer to do the same for them, get playful conversation going from the start.

REMEMBER, EVERYTHING hinges on having a lady enjoy her time with you. These techniques, they’re just openers to get the ice broken – your success is entirely about your banter and playful aura - creating attraction. These are great ways to open a lady or group, but you’ve got to know what you’re going to do with them BEFORE you start to have a chance to bring it further.

Ok, the third and most advanced version is to ask a girl to take a photo WITH you. This gives you an excuse to give her a squeeze, get a kiss on the cheek (girls love this, although they usually resist at first), strike a funny playful pose – and of course come up with an excuse why the first one isn’t any good and you’ve got to do it again.

NOTE: Don’t overdo the retakes – once, maybe twice, they’re fun. More than that, and you seem like a clingy guy who can’t think of a better way to hold her attention.

One More Question Pick-Up

This is something you use for a woman who’s got a huge wall that she just refuses to lower. Every time she brushes you off, say “Ok, I’ll leave you alone, but real quickly let me just ask one more question…” and make it as funny, fun, and playful as you can.

The trick here is to slowly melt away her guard. If you pick your targets carefully, you should see her gradually warming to you Her protests should get more feeble, and at the end she might say something like “You’re fun, but I’m REALLY running late now and I’ve GOT to go.”

No problem. Set up a rendezvous and she’ll be all yours.

Again, be careful with this technique. If you’re using it and the girl is getting more and more frustrated and curt, cut your losses and run. Pull this with the wrong lady – and the wrong lady might just mean someone having a shitty day – and all you’ll do is piss her off and provoke some nastiness out of her, as she’ll believe it’s the only way to get rid of you. Choose wisely friends, because this is a POWERFUL technique – there are only two ways to get out of it, which is to give in or to fight, so don’t use it all the time, and don’t use it to create a fight.

Palm-Reading Pick-Up

You probably already know enough about this one you don’t need much more tutoring, but one key to remember:

After you know a few basics, you can casually drop your skills into a conversation and have the girls asking YOU to read them. Study for awhile, hold for awhile, just like the training says. Then say “Hmm… I see something interesting about you here.”
She’ll immediately ask “What?”

“I don’t know if I should tell you…”

“What is it? WHAT?!!”

Now answer with something easy and generic, and she’ll start filling in the gaps. Agree, and talk more about what you see in relation to what she’s telling you. This is exactly what the pros do, and she’ll believe she’s got a spiritual guru holding her hand. Not a bad start, eh?

Bookstore Pick-Up

This is easy – and fun, because you often get an intelligent class of woman in bookstores.

Hang out in the sections women are often in – this includes new age, sex, romance, art…

Notice what the girl is reading – and say “(Book title). I was interested in that book – is it any good?”

She might ask why you’re interested in the book, and you can say “Well, I’m interested in that subject area.” Guess what – so’s she! Now you’ve got a topic to talk about at length, and from there you can easily shift to the bookstore coffee shop or a nearby one. Works like a charm.


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