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†Picking Up Women For Dummies

By: Profundido


Around this section you see by now a nice (and still growing) collection of tips that describe different aspects that you can focus and work on in order for you to improve your game. A comment that many players have is that they have no game to improve because they simply don't know where to start. E.g. they say they couldnít' even imagine staring a girl in the eye until she actually looks away, especially if she's gorgeous. They also couldn't imagine going straight up to a girl in a pub and starting a conversation solo, and they most of all could never ever dream of delibirately touching a girl (which we refer to mostly as kino). Those people even shiver at a the thought of going to a mall starting basic contact there and guess what, if you're among those people, don't feel ashamed for there are many and I think I understand you. Moreover, I think I have news for you. If I'm correct you would like to have a step by step plan to make your very first moves into the player zone so that you can start benefiting from all the other tips and articles here. So pay attention because here comes your checklist:

1. From now on, pay attention to how you walk, you'll use a straightened back, head up and you'll walk at 50-75% of your current speed at all times (yes that means 24/7 unless you have an emergency) the whole day through from now on you will keep thinking about this line and check your position. NEVER EVER hang or lean over again while walking. NEVER EVER rush anymore or walk fast paced. Instead go slow paced

2. From now on, you will work on your body after hours so that it gets into shape or in case it is already...keep it in shape (you don't want to be a fatty that neglects his body) Note that you do NOT at all have to be looking like a bodybuilder. Trust me you donít' need muscles, you just donít' want to be fat but rather average or slim if possible. If you start liking it, muscles and torso are a surplus but it's not a must, not at all. You just want to look "in shape"

3. You'll go to a female hairdresser and ask her to cut your hair the way she would love to see it and ask her why (don't forget to ask her in a sincere way like you really want to have her professional opinion so she doesn't play you and screw up your hair) After having this done, go ask the opinion of your sister, mother, friends, whoever you can think of to verify that it's ok. It's very important that you do this!! Do not skip this step (the asking opinions I mean)

4. (Optional) If its summer and you're white as snow, get a tan. The way to do this with the least of effort is as follows: put yourself flat and quiet on your back in a burning sun under a (non-clouded!!) sky (28į Celsius or hotter) for 30min between 1pm and 2pm. (no sunglasses and wear short pants so the most of your body catches the sun) Turn around to your back for another 30min. By that same night or the day after you'll be red on both sides for about 4-6 days if it's your first sunbath of the year. 1 week later (when the red has become brown) you do the same thing again and possible even a bit longer if you think you can handle it (I go for about 45-60min on each side) after that you've got a tan. If you want to keep it or make it more, repeat this at the rate of once a week. If you have a weak sun, you'll need more of it obviously, see as fit till you get a tan. When you go out and get tired and starting looking pale, you'll still always look good because of the tan

5. If you have a hot sister, tell her that your taste for clothes is so shitty and ask her to dress you for the kill. Have her take you shopping. If you donít' have a hot sister, ask your friend's hot sister if she's willing to or any girl you know but your mom. You want one of those girls like those that you would like to be with to go and take you shopping and dress you from top to bottom. Let them decide everything. After they replaced your entire wardrobe from shoes to hat, go ask as many second opinions again on it as you can get. Do NOT skip this step (the asking opinions I mean)

6. step into ICI PARIS XL or any other famous flagrance shop and ask the ladies what is "new and hot", ask them what they really love but that is NOT common (so you don't want to have axe stuff or aqua di gio because everyone has that e.g.) If you can get 2 of the girls in the shop together to discuss what's best and once they work it out, have them hit you with it on the hand so you can smell. If you like the smell, buy it! If you can't stand it, ask for more samples till you're satisfied. Once you've bought it, you'll wear the cologne when you go out by spraying no more than 2 times on yourself (left and right neck or left and right cheek depending on what result you want) on this, you do NOT want to ask anyone's opinion. This one goes live immediately.

7. You prepare for nights out with care from now. That means you fully shower, use every product you need to make the most out of your corpus so it shines. You shave the cheeks until you feel the skin itself coming off and you can't feel any mini-hairs anymore in any direction. Use lotion if you have a dry skin (this will after excessive shaving btw create a young and vivid effect after 30min, you'd be amazed) finally after shaving, you put on your new cologne.

8. You become vain. Don't overdo it but you have to become a little bit vain. Stand in front of the mirror and admire your new self. See how attractive you are until your really are. Keep your back straight, head up and start practicing the smile and natural slow mo movement. Every day and night you'll walk up to the mirror while looking your mirror image straight into the eye and gently smiling while slowly, totally relaxed moving and you'll imitate Duke Nukem by saying "Damn I'm looking sexy tonight" This will probably seem hilarious at first.

9. You'll continue to watch your attitude 24/7, around your friends, around your family, around your sports club, when going out, when alone in front of the mirror...24/7 and anywhere. You'll virtually slap yourself in the face every time you forget to walk up straight, every time you look at the ground etc...

10. From now on, every girl that you are forced to come into contact with (the bakery, the grocery, the mall, the hairdresser, any shop, and governmental instances) you'll treat her like you treat your mirror image after dressing up. You'll do the Duke Nukem thing to her without saying it out loud. Instead smile at her and say it quietly in your mind ďDamn I'm lookin sexy...and I know you see it too now". Last but not least you'll talk loud enough, never ever quiet. If you find yourself mumbling or talking to quiet for people to hear you, slap yourself in the face and double your voice volume. Speak up to any person including girls as you would before a crowd!!

Practice this over and over and over and over and over. If you do this sincerely you will quickly notice a change in the response of some girls. You'll feel that something is different, that at least a few girls start reacting differently than before and that is when the ball starting rolling....rolling you straight into the area where you can start putting all the tips and tricks on this site into practice.

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