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Rate These 3 Seduction Scenarios from Best to Worst

By: Derek Vitalio

Let’s do a small exercise. Rate these scenarios from best to worst, 1 being the most horrible and 10 being the most blissful.

Scenario #1- THE VACATION

You’re staying in an enormous sports stadium for vacation. In this stadium is everything you could ever want- a movie theater with all of your favorite movies, your own luxury car, a stunning house with nice furnishings, gold, diamonds, thousand dollar bills… but there’s no people. You’re totally alone. You have to go to the movies alone, drive all alone on the empty roads, and hang out alone in your gorgeous apartment.

Rate this experience from 1 to 10 _____

Scenario #2 – THE BREAKUP

You’re in bed with your woman. She’s acting oddly however. You’re feeling hot, but she pushes you away. Unexpectedly she tells you you’re a miserable lover and a boring person, and she tells you that she’s no longer in love with you and has been sleeping with another man. You call up your best friend for guidance, and he tells you to “Get a life.”

Rate this experience from 1 to 10 _____

Scenario #3 – THE PARTY

You’re flat broke and you’re crashing at a friend’s house. You turn on the TV to catch your favorite show, but you didn’t pay the cable bill and all you get is static. So you go for a walk and a girl approaches you and says, “Wow, I like you shoes!” Later, you have an open and frank chat with two of your friends about your relationships. You say something out of the blue funny and they both laugh hysterically, and tell you what a great conversationalist you are. You go back to your friend’s apartment to a hot chick who makes you dinner, give you lots of hugs, and afterwards you have a lot of sweaty sex. You get phone calls from three other friends, but you don’t even have time to see them all, so you ask them to a party you’re going to that night. At the party you seem to be the most popular person there, dancing, smiling, and people coming up to you.

Rate this experience from 1 to 10 _____

The Vacation scenario illustrates that money itself isn’t a source of happiness. If you’re working all the time to the exclusion of having plenty of leisure time to share social experiences with other people, it doesn’t matter how much money you make, you’ll never be happy.

The Break up scenario illustrates how poorly we need social approval from others and a sense of belonging and connection to other people. When those are missing, we feel empty.

The Party scenario illustrates how, even with little money, we harvest real happiness when we have the social skills to build friendships and romances, and shows that social interaction and happiness go hand in hand.

Which path in your life are YOU following?

The purpose of everything I do is to steer you toward that last path, that path that will bring you true happiness and joy with women.

And I like to think that I give more than just techniques and tactics, but that we look at the larger picture of the culture we live in as well.

And that’s what programs like Deep Inner Game do… to reprogram you from the inside out so that you’re not trapped on the treadmill to nowhere.

Because you might need more than a picky pickup line to get you going, you might need a deeper transformation. And that’s what Deep Inner Game is all about. Click here for all the details to change your life starting NOW.

Until next time,

Derek Vitali

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