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Seducing a girl with a hug

By: Derek Vitalio


The next base ritual for creating a sexual connection with a woman is the ENERGY FLOW RITUAL.

So I’m sitting there by myself with Charlotte and I say, “Did you know that bliss has a color? If you were to visualize bliss, what color would you give it?”

“Um… red I guess, with some swirls of blue,” she says.

“Now watch as a ball of red and swirling blue energy forms between us. This ball of energy contains all the pleasure in the world.”

“Now I’m going to take it into my hands. And once I do so, I’m going to take your hands into mine, and as you breathe in, feel all the red and swirling blue pleasurable energy enter into your body.”

That’s pacing what’s about to take place. So I take her hands into mine and tell her again that I’m passing the pleasurable energy into her.

“And as it enters your body through my hands, inhale, and notice what it feels like as it slowly works its way through every muscle in your body… down to your elbows… up through your shoulders… around your neck… down through your body… into your heart.”

“That pleasurable, warm energy goes to that place you’ve been aching to feel touch you, deep, deep down and makes your heart beat fast with pleasure.”

“And notice as that pleasure spreads all through your body, it gets warmer and nicer, and the more it spreads, the more pleasurable it becomes.”

And as I squeeze her hands in mine, I tell her how the energy goes through all the rest of her body, through her waist, her legs, and her feet.

Then I tell her, “Now, hold that unbelievable feeling in your body, swirling about, and feel it as if you were relaxing your body in a hot Jacuzzi, with hot water of this pleasurable energy massaging bathing skin. Send that warm bliss rippling through your entire body. Surrender to it.”

“Now you’ll notice that a special connection is taking place, which when we share together becomes stronger.” As I say this to her, I’m massaging her fingers in mine.

“Now I’m going to show you the MELTING HUG,” I tell her.

“Hugging is astonishing because it makes you feel energized and makes your body produce more Oxytocin, which is like a feel good drug.” To the reader: Oxytocin is also the drug that surges through women’s bodies when they become aroused and when they experience orgasm.

“With this connection we’ve experienced so far, do you trust me?”


“Okay, come into my arms.”

I don’t lean in to her, but command her to lean into me.

“Don’t look into me eyes, just relax. At first you’ll feel tense, but that’s how you’ve learned to hug. But then you’ll feel a surge of electricity and excitement from being so close to me.”

“But just relax and feel your body melting into mine until you become totally absorbed in the connection taking place. And allow the warmth of my voice and the warmth of my arms to wrap themselves around you, making our connection even deeper. Breathe in to all parts of your body.”

So we hug there in the melting hug, my protective arms around her. It is truly a special moment.

You might recognize that the Melting Hug as the first step in a progression of touch escalation. You’re right.

After the Melting Hug, you’ll want to end the session with her. You don’t want to do too much in one day. She’ll already have had a profound experience and if you do too much at once it will seem weird.

The next rituals however will steadily increase the amount of intimate touch. After all, you don’t want to create just a friendly connection; you want to create a SEXUAL connection. And that requires a lot of touching.

But with the rituals done so far, you’ve established the basic foundation of trust and comfort with a woman. She’s shared an experience with you that is unique and very powerful.

Whether you’re seducing the woman for the first time or whether you’re already in a sexual relationship with her, these sexual connection rituals will build your authority and power in her eyes.

For more on how to build sexual relationships, you’ll want to check out my Blissnosis Master Program. Blissnosis gives you a lot more routines and techniques for transforming women into your sexual fantasy and building a special connection in your relationships.

Until next time,

Derek Vitalio

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