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†Seduction Tips


By: Gambler

Every man wants seduction tips. The trouble is that most people giving the tips donít know a great deal about seducing women. Most books on the area are written by psychologists who study the area but donít get laid themselves! The subsequent seduction tips come from surveying guys who have been and slept with over 100 women and are the real pros: Modern-day Don Juanís. They share common elements, their unbreakable seduction tips are:

Unbreakable Seduction Tip #1: Never pass up a chance to start an interaction

Approaching women is all the time something of a numbers game. You can significantly increase your odds of success in any one interaction by increasing your skill level, but the best way to learn, and the way to get the most results is to start lots of interactions. This seduction tip is the first and most vital: make a commitment that you will start an interaction every time you see a girl you are interested in. This is what the pros do; they donít ever feel sorry for not starting a conversation because they will do whatever it takes. Even if it is waving or saying ďhiĒ, and whatever the circumstance is, donít let an opportunity slip by! Donít make excuses, just do it!

Unbreakable Seduction Tip #2: Know the process of a seduction

If you are in a discussion with a beautiful woman and are just talking without much idea of what you are doing, your success will be pretty random and erratic. To greatly increase your chances, you need to follow this seduction tip to the letter. The process of a seduction is as follows:

  1. Start the conversation.
  2. Do most of the talking until she is comfortable with you.
  3. Find common interests and joke around a bit.
  4. Evoke feelings in her by talking about the past, relationships, dreams and passions.
  5. Introduce a sexual vibe by the way you talk and look at her.
  6. Smoothly initiate touches in increasingly sexual way, leading to a kiss.

Follow these steps, have them in your brain, and know what you are doing and what you will do after that. This gets rid of the element of chance and allows you to lead the interaction towards your goal.

Unbreakable Seduction Tip #3: Learn from each seduction

The majority men go out on a Friday night and make the same mistakes, and do the same things right, and donít evolve much over time. This seduction tip will divide you from them. Learn from your mistakes and your successes. Examine what you did right, what you did wrong, and what you should do better next time. When did you win her, when did you lose her, could you have done it quicker or better? Purify your approach based on your experience and only then will you become a true expert in seducing women and even be able to give your own seduction tips!

Follow these rules and you have a method to take you from where you are now, to being a modern-day Don Juan.

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