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Setting Up Your Profile or Personal  

By: DJ Diddy

Come on guys. It’s the 21st century and internet dating is hugely popular amongst lonely and horny women. Beautiful women DO use the sites too, because it feeds their ego and/or they are a promiscuous. I’m doing this article because I know there are a few of you who have always wondered how to do it, if it works, or you have already bought a membership but are having unbelievable stories of… failure. Well, here are a few quick tips that I must say will help you get your $19.99 worth out of the site.

Picture: This is the most important. You could have nothing else going for you but a great picture and you will have people checking out your contact info. Your picture has to grab the viewer’s attention. I usually will take a picture of the upper torso up or from the waist and up. Zoom in as much as possible as well. Not everyone knows how to PhotoShop either, but my recommendation is to use Microsoft Photo Editor. Add some lighting to your picture and cut out all of the unnecessary room surrounding your body and face. Some guys might tell you to have a nice smile, but I would recommend sunglasses. It blocks out half of your face and makes you look more serious and “bad ass.” But that is just my recommendation.


The Title: 1) Really quick… Don’t sound desperate.

Example: 21 Lonely Male. Will You Take Care of Me Tonight?

That deserves a ban from any website if you ever tell people that online. Hell, if you do that, give me your address so I can send a woman over to your place to show you that she is manlier than you are. She’ll follow that up with a round-house kick to the face. Then your pics will be ruined too.

2) Keep it short and to the point.

3) Keep the title fun or funny! What is the keyword there? FUN!

Sell Yourself by Focusing on the Reader:

Know what kind of person you are trying to attract and then come out saying something based on what you are looking for.

For Example: Don’t primarily focus on just yourself throughout the entire profile. Replace something like:… “I love drawing, painting, and anything to involve art.”

With: “Looking for someone who would enjoy an evening at an art exhibit followed by a tour of the museum.”

It’s subtle, but if you are looking for someone to have some sort of connection with, this may be a great opener.

Action verbs: Use verbs to describe your personality. For instance instead of: My hobbies include music and etc.

Try: I love to write my own lyrics, sing, and dance.

Check you spelling and grammar: It’s better to come off too smart for the girl than too stupid. Period.

Keep it short and to the point: Self Explanatory. If you feel that you have sold yourself well, you are done. Don’t add so much stuff as to reveal your mysteriousness. This will convince her to want to contact you to get to know you better.

Tell them what you want them to do: For Example: “Send me a note, if you have a wild side. ;-) “ “You already 20 minutes looking at my picture. Let’s chat sometime.”

Power-words: Use attractive words like: Dependable, financially secure, ambitious, spontaneous, confident, cultured, professional, strong, and sensual.

If you haven’t used or are currently using the internet to expand your stable of women, I hope you use the techniques mentioned above to spice up your profile. If you don’t sell yourself, who will do it for you. Without eye contact and kino, it will be hard to build rapport. So if you create a profile sexy enough for the reader, THEY will want to get to know YOU better. Good luck guys.

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