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Steps for a Successful Seduction

By: Derek Vitalio

Okay, let’s quickly review the internal organs of the seduction steps.

Seduction Step 1: First, open the girl or her group.

Seduction Step 2: Second, build your social value to the girl through stories, routines, social proof, nonverbal sexual cuing, leading her peer group, and so on. You can also decrease the girl’s social value through value zingers and ignoring her.

Seduction Step 3: Third, once you have social value and receive a few green lights from her, screen and accept her.

Seduction Step 4: Fourth, isolate the girl away from her friends.

Seduction Step 5: Fifth, build bond and connection with the girl.

Seduction Step 6: And sixth, instant date her right then (ideally to your apartment), get her number or schedule a time to meet.

You’ll want to progress through the seduction steps – open, build your social value, screen and accept, isolate, and build bond and connection, and scheduling your next time together - in basically that order.

Where a lot of guys go wrong is that they SKIP some of these critical, core seduction steps – and consequently fumble the seduction even though they do everything else right!

Now I’m going to show you WHAT happens when you skip seduction steps – and WHY girls are less likely to sleep with you if you do.

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