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 Steps to Seduction

There are a few steps to building seduction that must always be complete before you get in the sack.  These steps range from things such as just approaching the woman in question, to doing things such as building rapport, trust, etc.  Here are a few essential steps that will at the very least make the seduction process easier!

The first step in the seduction process is of course picking out the woman you want.

This step is extremely important because there are a few things I want you to take note of because it will become more important later.  What kind of a place are you two in?  What kind of clothes does she have?  What kind of accessories does she have?  Is she listening to an MP3 player, if so what kind of music?  Is she at a particular kind of store?  Is she reading a book if so what kind?

The second step in the seduction process is approaching the woman.  Here is where you will go up to here and ask her a question, maybe open with a joke, maybe even comment on something she's doing.  Make sure it's nothing too serious and the more light-hearted and funnier it is the better.

The third step in the seduction process is building rapport.  This means you need dig for information in a non-threatning way.  Use what you learned in the first step and ask her a few questions.  If you are at a book store and she is reading something, ask her if she can tell you a bit about the book, etc.  Ask her if she is currently going to school, what she is studying, just general "get-to-know-you" questions.

The fourth step in the seduction process is building comfort. This step will take a bit longer depending on your skill with women.  I have completed this step within a a few hours of meeting a woman and it has also taken me weeks.  This step is dedicated to her getting comfortable with the idea of you being around her and being a bit physical, so in a way it's a two-step process.  For example, if you are taking her out to coffee and you meet at the corner of some street, guide her along inside by placing your hand on the small of her back.  If you two are walking together and having a good time slowly nudge her away a bit and she will fight to get back to you, etc.  The whole idea of this step is to get her comfortable with your touch.  

The final step to seduction is getting them into your bedroom for fun time.  If you can get a woman to your house, you have a pretty good chance of sleeping with her.  I say this because when women go over to a mans house, the thought of sex usually crosses their mind at least once and they will not usually go (by themselves) if they aren't yet comfortable with the idea of you two heading back to the bedroom.  That isn't an excuse to tone it down though!

Now is where you want to kick up the touching and the playfulness.  If you are cooking for her invite her in to help you with a particular dish and grab her waist and look over her.  If you have a pool table, a classic thing to do is to "teach" them how to hold the stick.

Always make the first move.  Never wait for her to do anything.  If you have gotten this far and she is still having a great time chances are she is craving your kiss and touch by now and she is just waiting on the moment when you make your move.  Most women will never make the first move because if they do they are considered promiscous so it is extremely important that you do not wait on her to make the first move.  The first chance you get, the first moment it feels right, go for it!  This will usually end up putting both of you in the bedroom!

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