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The Charmers Strategy of Seduction

By: Derek Vitalio

To charm means to cast a magical spell. The Charmer disarms women by focusing on the woman and making her the core of his attention. He understands their internal spirit, feels their pain, and adapts himself to their needs, wants, and desires.

He listens and observes, letting the woman talk, mirroring her until she feels comfortable. His interest is so focused that women unwind and open up to him.

The Charmer casts his spell by aiming at her conceit, her ego. Women are in love with and hypnotized by their own image. After all, a woman’s most beloved subject is herself. So the Charmer shares her values and tastes and adapts to her every mood, indulging in her vanity and giving her only what she wants to see about herself.

But lurking underneath the surface of any attempt to charm must be sexual tension. The Charmer does NOT give off those nice guy “friend” vibes. No, the Charmer is sexually flirtatious, teasing women with push pull innuendoes and suggestions that are both exciting and addictive.

The Charmer too is always a source of pleasure. Underneath, the Charmer may be clever and calculating, but on the surface he is all fantasy and pleasure. He distracts women from their troubles by giving them good feelings. For once a woman feels pleasure it is far easier to twist her to one’s will. And it is by making women reliant on him for their pleasure and good feelings that the Charmer reaps his power.

Even when a woman senses the Charmer’s cleverness, she is not immune to his spell. The emotions he provides are so powerful that even if she senses the affair cannot last, she loses all power to resist.

Part of the Charmer’s method is to never whine nor complain. They are always lighthearted and fun rather than serious or critical. The Charmer never criticizes, begs, or cajoles but rather secretly plants ideas and insinuates suggestions. He never shows anger or impatience, emotions that make women defensive and break the fantasy.

Even in the face of a challenge or a setback, the Charmer keeps his cool to keep women comfortable and at ease. Yes, at all times Charmers are pleasant to be around.

And he doesn’t just limit himself to beautiful women; he befriends and charms as many people as possible. He uses his social skills to make new friends and a wide network of people to work within existing social groups. His objective is to make other people feel powerful and respected, to feel like a star them selves. No one feels ignored by the Charmer and he makes even the least significant people feel like kings.

This ground-breaking trance CD, The Charmer, brings out the true Charmer of women inside of you. The Charmer will bring out the sexually flirtatious, pleasurable guy who can cast an enthralling spell on women.

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- Derek Vitalio
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