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The most important and overlooked advice 

By: Profundido



By now we have gathered already a nice collection of different tips and examples here in this forum and it's only going to keep growing over the time to be. As a beginning player one will feel the information to be so accurate, useful and in some cases mindblowing that in all your enthousiasm you might make the biggest of all mistakes without realising it. The mistake is that you 'get lost in theory' and thus get nowhere practise. Remember that as you read these tips and browse all forums on this website. I suggest using the website in general as something you read to enlighten yourself or test yourself and your opinion/knowledge. Focus on understanding the tips and tricks and examples and why they actually do work rather than trying to memorize them for when that kind of a situation actually happens. Seduction knowledge, funny as it may seem works kinda like math. Don't memorize the examples, actions or results but instead try to grasp the system behind it more and more until you're left with only the basic axioma's in your head that you will always respect and think of in any situation and all the rest you make up on the spot as if it where simply solving an equasion. So stop reading and memorizing a few tips right before you take off to have a game.

Second and part of the same mistake is ending up at a location and occasion where you can start any game because the spot,music,atmosphere and girls you like are all present but still you end the night realising that somehow you have been going over the theory over and over again in your head while watching what the girls you desire rather than actually take action and start a game with them. No matter how advanced you are as a player, you can still make this mistake easy and then end up totally frustrated because you didn't take action. It's mostly fear of blowing it that stops you. It's really very common to start watching your prey and end up reverting to thinking over theory because you want to wait out 'the perfect occasion' so you don't blow it. It's very true that there's no impression like a first impression and I too consider it very wise to never rush in like a fool but rather scan the situation first and then go to make the best possible first impression you could make but I always keep one rule in front of me all the time: ACT ACT ACT ACT ACT ACT ACT ACT !! before it's too late ! There's masses of fish in the sea so don't blind yourself on those few hotties that you really want, thus effectively shutting yourself down. Instead, go straight to action, if you're alone (or not) go to a not so good looking girl and start a game with her just to get in the mood to warm yourself up and most important to prevent yourself from starting to think instead of acting (= shutting yourself down). While talking to her, position yourself so that you can easily scan the area every 30 seconds and keep an eye out for opportunities that enable you to create the perfect first impression with the ones you really want. At least you're busy already and also building up confidence.

Also, people notice other people more than you could ever imagine. When that hotty that you will eventually meet tonight happens to be checking you out already before you approach her you do NOT wanna be that guy in the corner, staring at her while he's trying to memorize a thousand tips that he read here. You will want to be the social guy that's centrally positioned (and therefore being checked out by hotties even more) and talking to whoever gives you good response (even to a not so good looking girl). If a girl or guy you're talking with gives you real bad response while talking, go talk to someone else that reacts alot more enthousiastic because when people check you out, they always also check out your convo partners and their response to you. This is a normal and stupid basic psychological reaction of human beings because they try to assess the person they check out based on other people's response. So no matter what you do while scanning the area, you want to be busy building up good response from a friend or a girl. If they see you just because your centrally positioned and moreover, if they that while you're talking, you're obvsiously looking good from top to toe and seem at easy and in total control rather than nervous to build a convo, half your work is already done as they DO notice that kind of behaviour. Once they've seen it and put that image of you in their heads you'll have an easy time approaching them with a simple smile while saying: "hey, how are you tonight?" They immediately think "damn, that's the interesting guy I saw talking to his friend earlier" It's important to keep to mind at all times that to other people you have to be looking that way the whole time when you're in a hot place. (and in fact in any other place as well)

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