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The Newbie's Guide To Calling Up A Girl  

By: Kemo

Ok, so you finally did it! You met a girl, approached her, talked for a while, and received her digits. The hardest part is over, no need to worry, yet for some men this routine phone call - especially if it is one of your first times, can be very nerve-wracking.

Never fear though, this first phone call is VERY easy to master. First of all, you need to know when to call. Usually a good rule to follow is 2-4 days. Too many more days and she may forget you. Any less and she may categorize you as a clingy guy. Plus, the extra time will be her waiting too. Think about it, she gave you her number she is going to be expecting you to call. In the days she is waiting she will be only building more attraction for you (but after a while she will forget about you too, so you need to find the balance). So now we know how soon to call her.

The next is your conversation. You should not be nervous, angry, or distracted during this phone call. If you are nervous she will pick up on it. If you are nervous then just think of it this way - she is just a person, like you. Women aren't gods. If you are angry, or something similar (upset, sad, etc.) she will pick up on your bad vibes. Finally, if you are distracted then you just leave a bad impression. You need to be giving her your full attention. Now the purpose of this conversation shouldn't be to have a nice, fulfilling 45 minute talk about the meaning of life. The main purpose of your conversation should be to set up a time when you guys can meet up. Talking in person is obviously much better than talking over the phone (you can kino, eye contact, etc.). So remember this will be brief.

***Timing of your call is important. I think the best phone calls are made on Sundays around 6-8. She won't be doing anything so she won't use the whole I'm busy line. In general, that is the best time to call for any weekday, but not on a Friday or Saturday. On those days she will without a doubt be busy. Now if by any chance you do get the whole "I'm busy" line, then you tell her to call you when she can. Don't let her give you a time frame to call her, because that gives her control. If you do get a time to call her back, then “forget” to call her in the given time frame with the excuse "I got busy" when you finally do call. If she doesn't call you back, then screw her, there’s plenty of other girls worth talking to, haha.

So since you want to have good vibes on the phone, get yourself happy first. Try to remember a funny story, joke, or TV show to get you happy. Trust me it helps. Then you call her! To start off your conversation, I suggest making a joke that teases her that has to do with the first conversation you two had. If you meet this girl, let's say at the mall, and she thinks she is all stylish with only one strap on her top you could open with asking what happened to the other half of her top. So then after you guys talk and you get the number, you call her up and when she says "Hello" you go "Hey, I'm looking for the girl in need of a WHOLE shirt" and when she goes "HEY it is style" or some other s**t you go "Honey, when they say half off they mean the price". And you got her hooked. There is your starter!

Now you have what some guys like to call "fluff talk". Basically you have a normal conversation. Don't make it boring or anything. Find out what she been up to, her plans the rest of the week. When she says "nothing really" call her boring. If she says something like "oh work was hell today" then ask her what she does, why it was hell. You really can make a better connection with her if you restate her answers back. Not like a robot, but just so she feels you are listening. Another way to connect is to use her name. Not overuse it but at least once in the conversation, I aim for twice, maybe three depending on how I feel about the situation. If you have trouble keeping a conversation flowing, a simple thing to do is have her expand on her responses to your questions. She says she’s going out of town tomorrow, you ask where. When she answers you can ask if she’s ever been there before. It isn’t too hard, women love to talk. Make a funny comment here and there; make this conversation into GOOD conversation. You need to stand out from other guys.

So you have been talking to her for a good 5-15 minutes. She is really into the conversation too, and you pretty much have her hooked. This is where you drop the line "Hey, I actually have something I need to do" if she asks just make it up, the best is that you are going to hang out with some of your buds. It shows you have a life. If she doesn't ask don't bother. This is when you make the date. Now there are many, many ways to go about this. My favorite, is to say "So I was going to (insert a decent hangout place from your location) this weekend, you should come". You don't ask her to come, you tell her to. Also, you are saying that you already made the plans, and you are just inviting her along. It works every time. Tell her you got to go, but you will call her later to finalize plans. Then you wait till about 2-4 days before you wanna hang out. Sometimes this is the next day or one after the next, don't worry about it though, you need to make the plans for sure, haha.

So there you have it. It is slightly more than I intended to write, but I wanted to give the newbies a good idea on what to do on their first phone conversation. My last word of advice, don't make the date a movie or at yours or her house (but if she suggests her house get the f#$% over there!). Try to pick a place where you can apply your game easier, a relaxing environment where you can talk. Get kino in there, and do what you gotta do. Good luck to anyone who uses this guide, and I hope it helps. Critiques and criticisms of this guide are actually appreciated. I'm always looking to improve my game as a player.
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