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The Nine Phases on how to Seduce Women

By: Gambler

Here we present a nine-phase cycle which covers a male-female interaction from the first meeting of two strangers to the consummation of the interaction in sexual intercourse.

The cycle may occur on one evening, or over a number of meetings – in particular the middle phases may last over several dates. The usual amount of time required from meeting to sex is usually somewhere between 5 and 9 hours – where some of the phases, such as the first, usually last only a few minutes

1. Open

The man approaches the woman and initiates conversation. This phase is successfully negotiated when the woman indicates that she is ready for the man to stay – we call this signal the “hook-point”.

2. Female-to-male attraction

The man demonstrates his value to the female, taking care not to appear try-hard. The female responds by giving indicators of interest – light touching, eye contact, smiling etc.

3. Male-to-female attraction

The man baits the female into investing in the interaction through demonstrating her own unique attractiveness – i.e. he gives her a chance to “win him over”. The man responds by gratifying the female for her efforts – either verbally, or through light touching etc.

4. Conversation

Having established mutual attraction, the interaction becomes more substantial and a sense of connection and rapport is formed. This phase is the opening for the male and female to discover the breadth and depth of topics and experiences which they have in common.

5. Connection

Both parties feel a vibe that it is “on”. The conversation may decrease in fervour, leading to the development of sexual tension. Kissing usually occurs during this phase.

6. Intimacy

The location for the interaction should now have moved to a more private place, such as the home. More intimate physical contact may comfortably ensue at this phase.

7. Foreplay

The couple begin the physical escalation towards sex. Early commencement of this phase – such as in the meeting place venue - may abort the pick-up before the end.

8. Last-minute resistance

This is the point of no return for the female, where she may toss out a number of emotional objections camouflaged as logical propositions. The man needs to reassure the female at this point of his commitment to her and the interaction.

9. Sexual intercourse

The couple have sex. It may be necessary to do this several times in order to commence a relationship.

Observing a male-female interaction at this level of granularity helps preserve the smoothness of the pick-up artist’s escalation, a vital element for the successful communication of respect for a woman’s needs in the process from meeting to sex.

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