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The Player's Pad†

By: Badboy



Besides going out and approaching women, a key thing that will affect your success is how your home looks. A girl is going to get a full picture of you when she sees your home. Don't let this last step in the game stop you in the way of your success.

The first room she will see is your living room, which should be clean, just like your coffee table. On the coffee table, make sure thereís something appealing. When a person sits on the couch, they usually pick up something from the coffee table to read. I have an outstanding erotic book; Super-Sex by Tracey Cox. The book is full of black and white erotic photographs. Itís a perfect book for the coffee table. What I usually do when I bring a girl home is have her sit on couch and tell her: ďI am going to take a shower, make your self at home hereÖ Just donít touch that book on the table. And if you open it, donít look at page 60. Page 60 is about oral sex.Ē When I come back, half my work is done.

Also, in the living room make sure you have some good music to set the mood and bring her into a good state. Some cool DVDís and some drinks would be first-class too. I always have candles and condoms somewhere around the couch. I love to create a special atmosphere. You donít need to do it all the time, but from time to time, candles, soft music and a glass of wine can make something really special happen.

The kitchen and bathroom are also places women will check out when they come to your house to get a better idea of who you are. They must be clean. In the bathroom, always have fresh towels, an additional toothbrush, liquid for lenses and make-up remover. Buy nice toilet paper, because remember, she HAS to use toilet paper every time she uses the bathroom. We don't.

In the kitchen, make sure everything is clean and that inside the fridge you donít have old food. In the fridge, you should always have a bottle of good white wine or champagne, whipped cream, or perhaps some sex food, like chocolate, or strawberries.

Your bedroom should be the most attractive place in your home. The bedroom is the holy place where she's going to get naked with you. Show her that it's a special place by TREATING it like one. Keep the atmosphere in your bedroom intimate. Use low level lights in the room; too much light is going to kill intimacy and girls donít like it. It makes them self conscious. Also, since you plan to be naked, the temperature must be right for it. You should have: massage oil, condoms, maybe some sex toys to spice things up a little. With sex toys, be cautious, you donít want to scare her. Let it come with a time.

When a girl enters your place, try to minimize all potential scenarios that can destroy your plan. If you plan for her to spend the night, then you must have all things that she needs. For example, she would love to stay at your place but she doesnít have a toothbrush (or any other female toiletries) with her. Plan ahead. If you let this kind of thing mess your plan up, then you are not playing solid game.

So, take care of your place, it will make your life much easier.

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