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The Rake - Sexually Dangerous, Thrilling, Passionate, and Devoted to Pleasure

By: Derek Vitalio


You spot a super hot babe and your heart skips a beat. You know, the kind of woman that has the attention of every man in the room… and the jealous looks of every woman.

It looks like she has everything in the world, looks, attention, money… but is she really happy, and what is she REALLY thinking?

Rakes are an exclusive secret society of men that truly understand what beautiful women want, and know how to penetrate their standoffish veneer to connect with the real woman inside.

And Rakes go on to make some of the most incredible conquests and field reports ever made.

Now I’m going to shed some light on Rakes and how you can emulate their secrets to massively increase your own success…

You have to understand that women are deeply oppressed by the roles they are supposed to play in society.

A woman is supposed to be the tender, civilizing force in society, and to want commitment and lifelong loyalty from a single partner.

At the same time, magazines and television teach her to dress and look sexy on the outside, but not to feel sexual on the inside – or else she risks being labeled “a slut”.

So many women are looking forward to a mythical vision of marriage, but what they often end up getting is a life full of drudgery work and a mate who is endlessly distracted by the “whores” of society – strippers, mistresses, and porn.

For most women, the “dream life” fed to her by society of monogamy in the suburbs is in reality one of boredom and compromise.

Most women hunger for something more out of life, something grander, something resembling the books she’s read and the daydreams she’s had since she was a child.

As a young girl she dreamt of adventure, romance, and travel. And now as a grown woman, she is expected to play a role.

Women blessed with extraordinary beauty or no happier either. As guys we tend to believe that particularly beautiful women live a charmed life.

However, beautiful women often live lonely, isolated lives, devoid of real connections or the true pleasures of life.

Men’s desire to look at her face or body is the beauty’s source of her power, but also the source of much unhappiness.

Beautiful women constantly worry that her powers are waning and that she is no longer attracting attention. She also senses that being worshiped only for one’s appearance is monotonous and unsatisfying.

The beauty also suffers from isolation. The vast majority of men are intimidated by her beauty and worship her from afar. And while others attempt to communicate with her, it is not for the purpose of connecting beyond sex.

Her mental and psychological development has also been retarded as her parents, teachers, and friends have all let her “slide” from taking real responsibilities in life.

Many glittering young women are unhappy and lost inside as a result.

Women are dying to let go of their usual stubbornness, to cast off the chains of what typical men expect of them to act. Women long to play a different role than society allows them to. What women lack in life is not more reality, but illusion, fantasy, and play.

Women are supposed to be the decent, moralizing force in culture. But deep down they are actually excited and intrigued by guilty, transgressive pleasures. Deep down they yearn to explore their dark side.

Most women deep down want to rebel, to have a chance to become irrational and uncivilized, to have a chance to explore dangerous sexual pleasures and the taboo.

The Rake, unlike the typical man, represents change, difference, a breakup of routines.

What the Rake offers to women is what society normally does not allow to them, an affair of pure pleasure, an exciting brush with danger.

As children we devoted our lives to play and pleasure. Adults however often have feelings of being cut off from this paradise, of being weighed down by responsibilities. The Rake knows that women are waiting for wild sexual pleasure and that they cannot get it by the normal channels in society. The Rake knows that beneath a woman’s Madonna exterior awaits a wild women banging on the walls to be let out.

Neither does the Rake offer the mild pleasures of proper society. He does not buy the woman flowers or dinners or drive her about in a fancy car to impress her. Rather, the Rake touches those repressed desires in women that cry out for liberation.

And women succumb to the “bad boy” Rake through her yearning to be free of the constraints of virtue and decency. The Rake’s wild independence has a provocative effect on women. His total openness and total disregard for sexual restrictions and labels is a breath of fresh air.

He also presents women with a challenge- she wants to be the one to tame him, to make the bad boy Rake dependent on her.

And the Rake is not fooled by a woman’s surface demeanor. Beneath her passivity and coldness lies frustration; women would love to be more active and to actually do some chasing of her own.

So does too the Rake ignore her judgments of him as a bad boy. The more “prudish” the woman, the more she will be tempted by a man with a dangerous or naughty side. It is often the most “virtuous” of women who fall mostly deeply head over heels for the Rake.

The Rake understands that the true nature of women’s hearts yearn for pleasure- and when allowed without judgment, pleasure alone then commands and is obeyed.

If you are interested in incorporating the traits of the Rake – the bad boy who offers pleasure for its own sake with no strings attached, the bad boy who breaks women out of their passivity and routines and into a world of adventure and fantasy – then you’ll want to get your hands on my new trance CD, The Rake, right now .

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- Derek Vitalio

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