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The Ravisher, the Bad Boy, the Director, and the Giver

By: Derek Vitalio

When you’re in bed with a woman, there are four main identities you can take on when making love.

#1- The Ravisher

As the Ravisher, you want to trance into total state of lust for your lover. An almost savage lover sweeps her off her feet, carries her to bed, and ravages her. Women want their man insatiable for them. As the Ravisher, you throw yourself into the bed with total abandon, unfettered by any fears or hold backs.

#2- The Bad Boy

Women go after real life bad boys because they want to get fvcked hard and good. As the Bad Boy, the woman is your sexual object, your Barbie bimbo to be physically dominated over and used ruthlessly for your own pleasure.

#3- The Director

As the Director, you sit back, relax, and direct the action. You’re the director of your own porno flick, directing the woman move in a way as to maximize your visual and psychological stimulation. You let her do most of the work as you enjoy the ride.

#4- The Giver

As the Giver, you’re still dominant in bed and leading the situation, but your focus is on the woman’s pleasure rather than your own. As the Giver, you’ll spend hours down in her nether-region if that’s what she needs to get off. As the Giver, the woman feels the more sensual side of your lovemaking skills.

A truly great lover will alternate between these four identities, sometimes employing two in the same session. For instance, you might start the session off as the Giver, and once she’s been pleasured, you take on the role as the Director to get a hot visual show. The next session you might play the Ravisher, and the next time the Bad Boy.

A great lover will have at least TWO of these identities under his belt, and never use one more than 80% of the time.

For instance, if you’re always playing the role of the Ravisher, she’ll feel the passion but will lack the dirty dominance of the Bad Boy or the connection of the Giver. If you only ever play the Giver, she could come eventually to see you as a bit of a “wuss” in the bedroom. If you’re only ever the Bad Boy, she may feel a lack of connection.

So be a master of variety in you’re fvcking. Keep changing it up and keep surprising her. It’s the surprise that’s thrilling for women and not knowing what will come next.

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Derek Vitalio

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