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Top 15 Dominant Sex Moves for the Bedroom

Dominant move #1- Slam her against a door

To do this, simply grab her and push her back against a door. Press yourself into her and start making out with her aggressively. This can also work on a wall, but you have to be extra careful about pushing her against a hard surface that doesn’t give (it can hurt and break her out of the moment) and a wall makes less of a “SLAM!” noise than a door does.

Dominant move #2- Pull her hair

For foreplay, stand behind her, kissing her neck, and pull her hair back- girls really go crazy for this. Or, when you’re doing her doggy style (a very dominant position), you can enhance your dominance by pulling her hair as you say dirty words to her.

Dominant move #3- Push her face into the floor

Fucking her doggy is very dominant. You’re physically above her and she is on her hands and knees. As you’re fucking her doggy style, use your hand to force her head and shoulders into the bed sheets.

Dominant move #4- Pin her hands down

Throw her onto the bed missionary position and with her hands above her head, forcefully pin them down as you fuck her.

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Dominant move #5- Fuck her hard, fast, and deep

Gils like it when you rail the shit out of them with everything you have. Fucking a girl hard, fast, and deep is both dominant and characteristic of a healthy alpha male.

Dominant move #6- Kiss her forcefully

Grab her face and force your tongue in, like you are giving her a tongue raping. Make the kiss wet, forced, and nasty.

Dominant move #7- Manhandle her into position

Okay, you want to switch position, but don’t tell her nicely. Roughly grab her by the legs, arms, waist, or whatever body part necessary and forcefully manhandle her into the next position you want her in.

Dominant move #8- Slobber all over her tits

Slobber all over her tits like an uncontrolled beast so that they get really wet. Spit on them and make wide, wet strokes with your tongue like you’re giving all-out cunnilingus on her tits.

Dominant move #9- Force on her the “Gag Job”

As she’s giving you’re a blow job, tell her to slobber all over your cock with a lot of saliva. Slap your dick on her face and with your one hand push her head onto your cock and down her throat. With your hand on the back of her head shove your cock in and out of her mouth (don’t force it in too far as to make her really gag however- you’re simply going after the psychological effect of the forced motion).

Dominant move #10- Slobber wet cunnilingus

Grab her hips with your hands, pull her pussy to your face, and forcefully bury your tongue as deep into her cunt as it will go. Then start wetly French kissing her pussy as if it were her mouth. Make sure to get her juices all over her face

Dominant move #11- Pussy juice kissing

After some down and dirty cunnilingus and with your face and lips dripping with her girl juices, pull your face out, and start fucking her hard in missionary while giving her wet, pussy juice kisses mouth-to-mouth. Have her lick her own pussy juices off her face.

Dominant move #12- Tie her hands together

Grab a suit tie and tie her hands together (secure, but not too tightly as to make her physically strained). Tie her hands in front (more comfortable) or behind her back (less comfortable), throw her against the bed now that she’s physically at your mercy, hold her down, and rail the shit out of her.

Dominant move #13- Fuck her standing up

Lift her up onto her feet and fuck her standing up. To the girl, this position makes them feel like they’re being violated and ravished by a strong man.

Dominant move #14- Skip the foreplay

Foreplay is overrated. Sometimes women want to be taken, ravished by a sexual beast who only uses her as a sexual object and mindless sex toy for his own pleasure. Just take her, forcefully undress the necessary parts, bend her over so her ass is in the air and give her a good hard cock beating.

Dominant move #15- Pick her up and throw her

Girls like the feeling of having no control, of being picked up off the ground and thrown against the bed like a rag doll. It shows that you’re physically dominant and have the physical strength to do the job.

Of course, you’re being sexy and dominant, not abusive. NEVER hurt the girl or make her feel genuine pain. Always use your common sense!

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Derek Vitalio


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