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Two Sultry Sexy films that ladies will go crazy for

A good adult film is like a Blissnosis session all unto itself. A good adult film puts a woman into a sexual and highly impressionable state, and then leads her through a sexual fantasy that pushes her boundaries into new sexual experiences.

For instance, if your woman is averse to giving oral, through adult films she can watch other women perform oral on men. By living vicariously through these uninhibited women on film, and by enacting the fantasy inside her own mind, all in the comfort of her home, she’ll buck the taboo.

Also, just watching others do something makes it acceptable. Adult films are like positive social proof for your woman. If you want your woman to perform oral, have her watch other women give it. If you want your woman to be with other women, have her watch other women be with other women on film.

Of course, 99% of adult films are of the “slam, bam, thank you ma’am” type and designed for a man’s quick release rather than building a woman’s turn on.

That’s why you want to introduce your woman to female friendly films first. Watching a chick get triple plugged in a dirty alley behind a dumpster can come later. You want to start off with films that are fun to watch and that she’ll feel comfortable with… and yet hardcore enough to get her sexually excited.

Here are two films that I particularly recommend…


First on your list should be the film trilogy Tatiana.

That’s right, Tatiana is actually a trilogy of three films that tell the life of a gorgeous peasant girl called Tatiana, and epic journey back to a romanticized 1830s French countryside, as she has sex with princes, prostitutes, and even her own enemies in a quest to avenge her sister.

All the inter-character dialogue is in French, but there’s a narration in English with a sexy European accent so that you know what’s going on. And like a good soap opera, shot in front of old European Castles and inside of grand European chateaus, you actually care about the characters and what will happen next to them.

On a purely visual level, the costumes and settings of Tatiana are fulsome and beautiful, and all the women give great sexual performances with passion and a smile on their faces. And that’s what you want your woman to get out of an adult film - that the women in the film enjoy being sexual creatures and that sex is natural and fun.

The sex scenes are wide-ranging and action packed as well, ranging from one peasant girl taking on six French noblemen, high-class French prostitutes serving clients, two young princesses shagging the gardener, the maids having sex with the king, the queen getting serviced by her carriage men… well, you get the idea. In Tatiana’s world, romanticized characters have sex for fun and pleasure at the drop of a dime, and it’s all beautiful and natural.

In short, this trilogy of movies is perfect to watch with your woman to make her sexually liberal in general. The film is beautiful, hot, sexy, and most significantly, fun to watch for the story and characters too.


Riding on the box-office coattails of the wildly successful Disney movie Pirates of the Caribbean, the adult film Pirates is a high-budget triple-X adult film that the ladies will like… I’ve even seen the rated-R version in Blockbuster!

Although some of the acting in Pirates is a little bad, the film’s stories and characters actually holds more or less together. The shining star of the film is the nitwitted Captain Edward Reynolds (played by Evan Stone) who talks a lot about himself as a courageous pirate hunter, but in reality has doubts about himself and has never been in an actual fight.

The pirate hunting Captain is also completely clueless to the fact that his beautiful first mate, the nymphomaniac “Jules” (played by Jesse Jane) sleeps with the entire crew of his ship. Captain Reynolds simply attributes all the orgasmic screaming he hears on the lower decks as praises to God “in what must be Bible Study”.

In his search for pirates, Captain Reynolds lands on an island where he is seduced by two beautiful prostitutes. One of the heroines of the movie meanwhile is kidnapped by a bunch of pirates and seduced into getting it on with another woman.

Pirates is a particularly good flick if you want to open your woman up to girl-on-girl bisexuality. At the end of the film, one of the heroines confesses to her suitor that she slept with two women, and she liked it. To her surprise, her man is thrilled. Oddly enough, it’s a sweet and romantic ending and you find yourself feeling all warm and fuzzy inside that the heroine is going to bring her man some girl-on-girl threesomes in the near future.

The costumes are great, the lighting and colors are super sexy, the special effects and story are good for an adult film, the actors beautiful, and the sex is downright hot and passionate. Pirates is a great starter adult chick-flick for you to sit down and watch with your woman.

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