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Using Resistance to Seduce Women

By: Don Charlie



           Before I start the knitty gritty of this article, let’s try something out first.


            Say you’re at a mall, and you see a beautiful woman.  What do you do?  Let’s say you went up and approached this woman, everything went GREAT.  You got a successful number close, and you successfully attracted her.  Later on you called her up and schedule an awesome date at the local mini-golf course.  Things are going great.  The night ends but the fun begins.  She invites you to her place.  It’s about to get hot and heavy.  You are giving her everything she wants, you are kissing her neck and soft spots, caressing her ever so gently, and you’re doing everything right.  When at the last minute she says “we shouldn’t be doing this” and now you’re stuck.  Now what are you going to do?


            You see, you can do everything right the whole entire date, but the littlest mistake in the bedroom can ruin your chances.  This is where this article comes in.  If you use resistance you can increase the chances of a successful lay.  How is this so?


You see, when women use the line “we shouldn’t be doing this,” this simply means try harder, she wants to have sex with you, but you have to be suave and give her that last little nudge without making her feel like a whore.  That’s why guys go crazy and practically start begging for sex after this line is said.  So use this technique on her!


            Women simply love anticipation.   If you do everything right, but you don’t give it an essence of suspense, then it’s a possibility you’re going to get shut down.  When you seduce women, it’s imperative that you take your time.  I know sometimes it’s hard to, but it is a must.  Take 2 steps forward, and one step back.


            Let’s get some real life examples on how to use this technique to seduce women!  Let’s say your driving on your way back to her/your place, you know sex is inevitable.  Put your hand on the inside of her thigh, stroke it a bit softly, and then pull your hand back and put it back in a relaxed position.  At a stop light, lean over and kiss her on the neck and blow gently in her ear.  Then pull back and continue your drive. 


            Let’s say you get her home and it starts getting more serious.  When the two of you start making out heavily and you start getting a little bit more ‘hands on’ (rubbing your hands down her thighs/on her ass, etc), don’t be afraid to pull back and offer to go to the kitchen to get drinks.   


            If things make there way to the bedroom (which they should if your doing this correctly), and she STILL gives you that deathly line “we shouldn’t be doing this,” then hit her back with it.  “I know, we shouldn’t be doing this” is a great line to use to counter hers and seduce her even further.  This makes her think you are doubting it to, so she will try harder, and it will make her want you more.  If your down in between those legs doing the lovers tongue dance don’t be afraid to stop and lick the side of her thigh, or the area above her ‘unmentionables’. 


            Doing all these tricks will get her to the point of no return.  She will eventually HAVE to have you.  As humans, we want the things we cannot have.  Cat and mouse.  It’s a basic law of our universe. 


            I’m not going to waste any more of your time posting examples of how to use this to seduce women, but instead leave it up to your imagination.  You see fellas, the main point of this article is to make you understand that it’s ok to use her own tricks to help you succeed.  So stopping isn’t ALWAYS a bad thing, and most of the time it will actually HELP you get her into the bedroom.

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