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Using Speed Seduction to Seduce Women

By: Gambler


Speed Seduction is the application of NLP to the area of picking up women. It involves using language in exacting ways to create attraction, generate a connection, and stir up feelings in the girl and attach them to you.

Eliciting Emotions

Key to using speed seduction successfully is eliciting emotions from the girl. A girl that doesn’t feel something when she is with you will not easily be won over. The easiest way to make a girl feel something is to bring out memories from the past of events which have strong emotions associated to them. Doing this is much easier than creating them from scratch. So what might you do? Ask questions like:

Do you remember the last time you were in love?
Have you ever felt totally comfortable with a man who you trust?

Could you visualize what it would be like to have someone love you completely and totally?
When was the last time you had really amazing sex?

When was the last time you felt incredibly aroused?


Anchoring is the act of linking something, usually a touch, to an exact feeling in the girl. The theory is that you can re-elicit the anchored feeling at a future time by re-firing the anchor. When the girl is feeling the peak of the particular emotion, touch her in a certain place, for instance her elbow and remember that when you re-fire it you will need to touch the same place with the same pressure.

Imbedded Commands

Imbedded commands involve the use of sentences within sentences that act on the subconscious mind and direct the girl towards a particular goal. The words are marked out with a subtle change in tonality so that they are only picked up by the girl’s subconscious mind. An example would be, do you ever feel completely relaxed, now and then I find that….

Speed Seduction Patterns

Speed Seduction patterns are scripted pieces of speech which are designed to lead a girl in a particular and typically combine all of the above elements to produce a powerful effect in the girl. An example of a Speed Seduction pattern is the following:

Have you ever just met someone and almost instantly you start to feel incredibly comfortable like you’ve known this person forever and then as you just let the barriers drop and you let them more inside you start to naturally feel a sense of rightness, like this is meant to be.

Speed Seduction can be used efficiently in almost any interaction but is best suited for a quite environment with few distractions, or when you are already in a comfortable one-on-one situation with a girl.

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