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What If You Blow It WIth a Girl? (and how to recover!) 

By: Joseph Matthews


We've all been there before...

We had a girl we KNEW was into us, but for some reason or another, we chickened out and didn't make our move.

After that, it was DONE.

My perfect chance, gone - bye, bye!

Recently, I got an email about this very problem...


Hi Joseph,

I have a quick problem for you. Do you think there is a point where if you don't make a physical move that it is too late to recover?

Just for background, I was seeing the woman, probably saw her about 4-5 times or so and every time we spend about 5-6 hours together and had a really excellent time. Definitely felt like we connected. She's not the most physical person but I could tell that she was into me I just had to make a move. I learned not to take it as a disappointment but I clammed up and did not make a move. Now I would like your view if you have time.

I haven't seen her in about two weeks but have had short emails with her. She's been telling me that she's been really busy with a new job and school and hasn't had time to make plans. I took this as a 'not attracted anymore', but she continues to write.

I'm droning on here so I guess my problem really is if you chicken out well past the point of making a connection, is it fixable or should I just take this as a learning experience and move on?

I think I answered my own question here but am interested on your opinion about the timing of making a move and when you feel it's too late.

Thanks again for everything.



First of all, let me say this:


There are SO many guys who either know the time is right and don't act on it, or they miss the signals the girl is sending out completely.

Mike's question is: Is there a way to recover this situation?

My answer to him is: Yes, but its very tricky and not certain to work.

And I'll tell you why...

If a girl is attracted to you, there's going to be a point where she WANTS you to make a move.

If you continue to pass up this growth of physical connection, she is going to start thinking that you just aren't into her.

And when that happens, in her mind, she just WRITES YOU OFF.

You are instantaneously plopped in the "oh well," group.

So that later, when you DO finally work up the courage to make your move, the girl is TOTALLY not into it...

Because she's already moved on.

At this peak the only thing you can do is hope she is still attracted to you, and start flirting with her all over again.

This can be complicated because she may not want to waste time dating you if she thinks you're not attracted to her.

But if you ARE able to get together with her again, you have to really up the flirting WITHOUT coming off as needy.

That's the real trick.

In fact, the same strategies I outline in my e-book "Escape The Friend Zone" apply directly to a recover situation like this.

(That's a free bonus when you download a copy of The Art Of Approaching.)

But as always, the best defense is a good offence.


It is very vital that you get physical with a woman as fast as you can.


Because the sooner the two of you can establish a physical relationship, the clearer your romantic relationship becomes.

Delaying this or hesitating WILL serve to mess up your chances.

You need to work hard to recognize when the right time to get physical is.

If you've followed the directions I lay out in my e-book The Art Of Approaching, then you know exactly what you have to do to make sure this happens...

Establish a connection.

Flirt to show interest.

Read body language to know when the time is right.

These are all very chief steps, and if you skip one of them YOU WILL PAY FOR IT.

Do not allow yourself to let an opening pass you by when it presents itself.

The best way to do that is to learn my strategies. If you really want to get good and steal that special girl, download my e-book today by clicking the link below:

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Once you learn these simple relationship secrets, you'll always know when to make your move.

Talk soon,

Joseph Matthews

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