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What Single Women Hate!

By: James

 The reason why we’re starting with this topic is that at least 95% of men strike out with women in the first 3 minutes of talking to her.

They don’t even realize it, but they have made mistake after mistake and that leads to a total lack of attraction from the women they have met.

Do NOT do these things.

Many of them will sound familiar to you, but it is time that you learned not to do them.

Mistake #1: Do NOT buy a girl drinks unless you already have a rapport with her!

Why not? Well, there are a number of reasons. Most nice girls find it embarrassing when someone they have not even talked to walks up to them and offers to pay for a drink. They are also cautious and may even think things like, “Are there drugs in there?” “Why are they doing this?” “What do they want?”

And those girls that do say, “Yes, please,” without even asking, “Are you sure?” usually will never become attracted to you, because you have just positioned yourself as another “free drinks guy.”

So when do you buy a girl drinks? After all, lots of girls say that it is a nice and gentlemanly thing to do, not to mention it can be attractive if done right.

If you are going to buy a girl drinks, do it after you have developed a rapport with her first. Offer it to her in a way that seems like you were going to the bar anyway to get a drink and just wanted to see if she wants one, too, (i.e., to prolong the enjoyable conversation).

If possible, get her to come to the bar with you. If she does this, you can take this as an indicator of interest (IOI) and, by leading her there, you are actively demonstrating leadership skills – something she will be subconsciously attracted to.

So, to summarize, when you buy a girl drinks straightaway, you are instantly telling a girl that you feel you need to spend money in order to buy her attention. That instantly reduces your chances of her becoming attracted to you.

What you need to do is learn more creative ways of starting conversations. You’ll learn some here in this 6-Part MiniCourse, and a lot more in my Premium and Mastery courses.

Mistake #2: Don’t give too many compliments too soon.

Many guys, when they meet a hot girl, make the mistake of giving them too many compliments too soon.

Hot girls get compliments all the time. And you know what? When you give them too many compliments, they think, “Thanks, that’s great,” they get a quick self-esteem boost, and they lose interest in you.

Even girls that don’t receive compliments all the time feel awkward when you give them more than one compliment, and they don’t know how to naturally accept them. It can also make them feel self-conscious, leading them to think, “What else is he checking out about me?”

All in all, giving too many compliments lets them know straightaway that you see them as a prize worth pursuing. By doing this too obviously, too early, you are actively demonstrating that you are not a challenge, and this will make her less attracted to you.

If you are going to give a girl a compliment, make it mean something. Make it be the only one for the night. And if she is super hot, she is used to getting compliments about her looks. Why not be different? Comment about something subtle that you notice about her, like how you enjoyed talking to her and how she seems really fun. Try to look beyond her looks, and you’ll be the one who is qualifying her, not the other way around.

Mistake #3: Being too predictable in your conversation.

Some predictability in conversation is fine, as eventually you will have to find out her name, what she does, what her likes and dislikes are, and so forth.


You don’t want THE ENTIRE conversation to be too predictable. And you DO want to tell stories in your conversations whenever you can.

What is ”too predictable”?

Well, attractive women get approach A LOT in their lives, whether it be in a bar or just meeting through friends. And what they are very used to is a conversation that goes something like this:

“Hi, how are you? I’m John, what’s your name? … Cool, pleased to meet you. So, what do you do for a living? … Oh really? That’s interesting, you must find that very fulfilling (or whatever…)… What do I do? I’m an accountant (or whatever)….”

Sound familiar?

The worst part about these types of conversations is that you tend to run out of things to say pretty quickly. Not to mention that you have actively demonstrated that you are very, very similar to every other guy that has approached them. You’re not demonstrating much uniqueness here and you are not setting things up for a fun conversation.

What I can tell you is that you can actively demonstrate that you are not exactly the same as every other guy by simply not opening up your conversation with, “Hi, how are you?”

Start your conversation with something like the classic opener, “Hey, my friends and I were just talking, and we want a female opinion on something…” and away you go, STRAIGHT into conversation, BEFORE you ask for personal details such as her name, what she does, and so forth.

Women LOVE to give their opinions, and this gets a real conversation going where they can get passionate about the topic. Plus, this gives you a legitimate (in their eyes) reason to approach them.

What could you ask for a female opinion on?

  • “Do black shirts look great in clubs? My friend thinks they are a little plain. I think they stand out more because not that many people actually wear them outside of business – and that’s with a tie!”
  • “Is buying a dog for a girl a good present? My friend has been going out with his girlfriend for 6 months, and he’s thinking of buying her a dog.”
  • “Should a first date always be short, like less than 30 minutes? Some of us think that they should be coffee or something with an easy ‘out’ if it doesn’t go well, but others think it should be something more fun, like going to a theme park, but that can take a few hours. What do you think?”

As you can see, there are a lot of different opinion openers that you can use and think of. I just thought those up off the top of my head.

By doing this, you are actively demonstrating you’re not a “Hi, how are you?”-kind-of-guy. You are actively demonstrating that you are so comfortable with yourself and with people that you can ask go up to someone and ask a question and feel you have the right to.

Remember, YOU need to be the one to guide the conversation.

You can always change the conversation in an instant by casually saying, “Anyway,” and following up with a question, like how she knows so much about fashion or pets or whatever.

I prefer not to ask her name, because if she volunteers her name and asks for your name, that is an indicator of interest (IOI). In other words, it gives you a little indication she likes you. Get enough IOIs, and you can be confident that you are on the right track.

When you do ask a follow-up question, DON’T follow up her response with a whole bunch more questions.

Too many questions = Boring!

What you need to do is follow up her answer with a story that relates to what she just told you.

For example:

You: “Anyway, so what kind of music do you like?”

Her: “Hmmm… I like boy bands like Westlife, also a bit of hip hop. How about you?”

You: “Really? Boy bands aren’t my favorite. I know all the girls love them – in fact, my little sister used to be really into New Kids on the Block when I was younger. Her and her friends used to make up their own dance moves to them. I guess that’s what put me off them, all that ‘step by step’ and all that. But, personally, I enjoy classic 80’s and 90’s music. They remind me of some pretty good times when I was growing up, not to mention they go great with plenty of beer, ha-ha.”

What happens when you tell a story is that she often will follow up with her own story, and, if she doesn’t, you can tell another to fill a pause in conversation, such as…

You: “Oh! That reminds me, talking about beer, I once went to this bar where there were over 180 different beers on tap; it was like a world record. So are you a beer drinker or a wino?”

Now that you’ve seen a good way to handle a conversation, let me show you how most guys mess it up.

Most Guys: “What kind of music do you like?”

Her: “Hmmm… I like boy bands like Westlife, also a bit of hip hop. How about you?”

Most Guys: “Cool, those bands are good. I also like 80s and 90s music, mostly. So, what else do you do for fun?”

Talk about boring! Only a really patient girl will stay in this “question and answer” kind of conversation much longer.

Most Guys aren’t fun and interesting to talk to. Most Guys aren’t interesting and unique.

There is a LOT more to learn about conversation skills, but if you can try to include some storytelling in your conversations, you will be twice as interesting to talk to.

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OK, now just to recap what we’ve covered so far: three things that single women HATE and not to do are:

#1. Do NOT buy a girl drinks unless you already have a rapport with her!

#2. Do NOT give too many compliments too soon.

#3. Do NOT be too predictable in your conversation.

There are other things that single women HATE, these include lack of style, seeking her approval too much, giving up all your power to her, specific body language faults, and a whole lot more, including the thing that single women HATE THE MOST.

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