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Where to get a perfect 10

By: Derek Vitalio

Today I’m going to address the issue of finding those elusive “Perfect 10s”.

Maybe you want a girl with particular physical traits, like a color of hair, a round butt, a classy dresser, or a pretty smile.

But most super attractive girls are not that great. Many of them are not very fun people. And then there’s the drama and head issues. And many, because of their beauty, never had to learn to be good in bed.

Even when you snag your perfect dream girl as a girlfriend, it’s in men’s nature to get bored and want the next thing. You finally got that girl with those big boobs? After a few months you’ll be dreaming about a tall, thin, blonde.

Another way to reframe your goals with women is this- maybe it isn’t the physical characteristics of the woman you should be looking for, but rather the ability to build ANY girl you meet into your dream girl.

After all, even a “seven”, with the right peacocking, exercise, and attitude training can become hotter and sexier than a ready-made “10”.

Now I’m about to let you in on a little secret… exactly how to transform any woman into a “Perfect 10”.

Truly beautiful women- the kind of women that men swoon over- embody a particular archetype which is the Courtesan. Courtesans all share some common characteristics.

The Courtesan is Enthusiastically Sexual. The Courtesan understands that men want a sexually enthusiastic woman, not a girl that is a bore in bed and just goes through the motions out of duty. The Courtesan embraces that she’s a sexual woman and has no hang-ups about it. When she’s alone she regularly fantasizes and is not shy about masturbating herself to orgasm. Whenever she sees her lover she’s overcome with fresh enthusiasm and with barely restrained eagerness.

The Courtesan is Uninhibited. The Courtesan delights in being a “bad girl” for her man, and is always willing to go farther. Once she gets an idea, she runs with it. She’s passionate, hot, fun, and raw in the bedroom.

The Courtesan is Visual. The Courtesan understands that men want to look and sex is as exciting as what he sees. She makes herself as feminine as possible, dressing so that the most interesting portions of her anatomy are emphasized. She wears sexy costumes and eats right and takes care of her body. She uses visual techniques and nonverbal cues during sex to maximize her man’s excitement.

The Courtesan is a Dancer. She moves sexy, abandoning herself in dance. It is the way she dances that makes her man’s heart pound, her whole body alive, writhing like an animal in heat. Her dancing may be hardly professional, but she enjoys herself so much and is so unrestrained that none of that matters.

The Courtesan embodies Variety. She is not repetitive. She is versed in a myriad of fantasies and techniques. She makes it a delightful game to play new fantasy roles, to surprise her man, and to be an endless source of entertainment to him. A man grows bored with a woman, no matter how beautiful. He yearns for different pleasures, and for adventure. The Courtesan offers such variety and adventure.

The Courtesan is Devoted to Pleasure. She is the incarnation of all that is exciting and titillating. She knows what pleases and she is devoted to the art of pleasure for both herself and to her lover.

It’s said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Fortunately, media entertainment companies rely on the image of the Courtesan to sell music and movies. Shakira in the music video “Hips Don’t Lie”, and Beyonce in the music video “Naughty Girl” embody types of Courtesans. Jennifer Lopez’s music video “Ain’t It Funny” shows the transformation of Lopez from an L.A. girl into a Courtesan fantasy figure. After watching these videos you’ll have at least a superficial visual of the Courtesan archetype (videos available at iTunes or Yahoo! Music).

Now, not all Courtesans are alike. The following are three additional variations you can train a girl for.

The Siren - Men are easily hypnotized by appearances, for they have a weakness for the visual. The Siren’s physical qualities on a man have the same effect as the movement of a cape on a bull. The Siren places more emphasis on hair, nails, clothing, and makeup than the typical Courtesan. Her goal is to appear magical and supernatural to stimulate a man’s desire. The Siren is not necessarily the most naturally beautiful woman, but she knows how to dress and peacock to create the illusion of a goddess-like appearance.

The Accomplice - The Accomplice is the bisexual girl who helps the Rake or Natural man find and seduce other women for threesomes and moresomes. The Accomplice may also accompany her man in the swinging scene. Since 90% of women are bisexual, most women can be Accomplices in addition to being Courtesans. Accomplices may be the shy, quiet type, working quietly in the background and letting the man lead the seduction, or she may be the social extravert, actively gaming girls.

The Rake – Yes, women can be Rakes too, although they are the rarest type of Courtesan. The Rake is a woman who is fiercely bisexual and actively enjoys the hunt. She’s a woman of action, and doesn’t need a man to lead the way when it comes to seducing women. She embodies many of the qualities of the male Rake in that she’s unrestrained, devoted to pleasure, smart and in many ways calculating. For the energy of the female Rake, take a look at Avril Lavigne’s “Girlfriend” music video.

So a “Perfect 10” can be found just about anywhere. Any woman with the proper makeup, clothes, hair, nails, and general peacocking can look beautiful. And any woman with the proper sexual training to be uninhibited, sexually unrestrained, a visual performer, and well versed in fantasy roles and sexual techniques will rock a man’s world and keep him coming back for more.

It is up to you to train the women you meet, and she can become way hotter than any ready-made “Perfect 10” you may find on the street or in a fancy club.

Some of my future news casts will be devoted to exercises on how to train any woman to become your ideal version of the Courtesan. After all, seduction doesn’t end at the lay, it is only beginning.

In the meantime, you can work on yourself – the kind of man who is comfortable with sexual abundance and is comfortable having beautiful women in his life. For raw information on what to do, you need my Seduction Science System, 3rd Edition. It has all of my theories and techniques compiled into one easy system for your convenience, so that you can be out meeting women and having success with them, right away. Click here to read more about it and make for yourself an informed decision.

Until next time,

Derek Vitalio

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