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Why Does Making a Woman Smile Feel So Darn GOOD

By: Derek Vitalio


Why are having social relationships with women the #1 dynamic in what makes us happy?

It’s in our programming.

For millions of years we roamed around in undersized bands of ten to fifty persons.

Imagine if you were discarded from your group- you’d be left out on your own to locate your own food and shelter by yourself. It would mean almost certain death.

Likewise, feeling rejection or shame in front of a crowd can feel almost worse than death… because in the 0ancient times, it could mean just that.

We’re all programmed to pass our genes onto the next generation of offspring. Anyone who didn’t (like maybe Mr. Caveman felt that playing cards all day was more significant than having sex), didn’t have kids and their genetic heritage is no longer here today. So everyone alive on the planet today is the result of millions of generations being weeded out for the one reason of having sex and children.

So through millions of years of fine tuning, our brain unconsciously tells us that anything that moves us AWAY from that goal of surviving and having children, causes us pain – not receiving enough food to eat, falling off a cliff, getting your toes eaten by a bear, or being rejected by a woman.

Anything that moves us TOWARD the objective of having sex and children – like having our physical needs met, having a comforting massage, or eating a large meal - causes us to feel happiness.

Our brains are like a dedicated computer designed solely to make the most of our reproductive success by giving us signals of joy or pain.

And in this way, belonging to a group, having friends, and having well-built social ties gives us pleasure, because our brain believes it means our survival. Experiencing strong bonds with others tells our brains we’re not on your own in the world and that we have a support network to fall back on in hard times.

So we’re trained to reap vast joy from seeing smiling faces, hearing friendly voices, chatting to attractive people, and deepening relationships.

Having sex is a grand source of joy too- after all, millions of years of evolutionary strain has conditioned us men to have as much sex as possible.

So just like eating a pizza sends satisfaction signals to the brain, seeing a woman smile, having sex, or having a confidant all add greatly to our happiness due to the hard-wiring of our brains.

So you’re not going to find happiness alone in your room, waiting for some miracle to magically happen.

You’re not going to find pleasure losing yourself in empty distractions like television, internet, and games.

The only way you’re going to find happiness is if you DO something that MOVES you toward your brain’s hard-wired need for success with women.

That’s why I recommend the Deep Inner Game program.

It’s the only one of its kind that actually transforms you from within out to be a real MAN.

After all, for the most part women are BORED and UNHAPPY with their choices in men.

Become the kind of man that women chase after and you’ll have not a few more women to choose from, but the entire pool.

And that transformation can start right here.

Deep Inner Game

Derek Vitalio

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