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Women & Their Tests †

By: Georgiaboy

Anyways, these are some tests that I encounter on a regular basis when dealing with women. As you know, women will do some irrational things to throw you off your game or make you prove yourself. Sometimes, they're not even aware of doing it to you and sometimes they are. Nonetheless, if you fail these tests, you can deplete that attraction you've been building or destroy the chance of you getting any started in the first place. These are mostly from experience and from other friends that are players.


1. Eyeball test : Regardless of what you or she may have said, she'll try to throw you off your game by looking you dead in your eyes. She'll lock her eyes onto yours until you cave.

Failure response: Looking away from her, apologizing for what you said, and/or getting visually nervous. Lots of guys fail this one.

Right response: Look her dead her eye right back. Usually you won't have to say a word, they'll look away first and know you're the boss.

2. That's what I really want! : This one entails the woman telling you what she really looks for in a man. This simple trick can throw off your rhythm if you're not focused.

Failure Response: Nodding your head in agreement, or just shying down as if you don't have a chance. Asking if your type will work too...etc etc.

Right response: Laughing at her tastes in men for one. Such as last night a girl told me she only liked dark skinned blacks as opposed to me who is light skinned. I laughed and said "If I was 3ft and green or 7ft and pasty white with freckles, you'd still love me." Also, you can tell her that your type is much better, whatever floats your boat. Just don't let her take the conversation flow into her hands.

3. MEANIE : They accuse you of being mean, cocky, arrogant, annoying, or whatever they can think of because you're getting inside their heads with your game. So their natural instinct is to kick your player ass right back out. You can tell she doesn't mean it 100% I guess, but you're still not sure maybe.

Failure Response: Apologizing or shutting up due to shame. If you're actually being those things she called you, she'd have already left the conversation.

Right Response: As Kemo once said "And you know you love it" or something to that effect. I usually say something like "why do you like mean people so much, you're strange." Either way, don't take it lying down.

4. Biography : She wants to know your life story. She'll ask you all kinds of questions. It could be anything to your age or what kind of car you drive to the type of toilet paper you buy. hehe They also may and probably will ask these questions with a judgmental tone as to say you better say the right answers.

Failure Response: Answering like a good wittle boy or asking what she likes/wants to hear before answering her.

Right response: Tell her itís none of her business, answer indirectly, or tell her to do something to get your information. Give and take, you know? You're on a date or throwing game, not a survey session. Keep it light, don't get snippy or cranky with your answers, just be smooth like usual.

5. Playa-Playa : I didn't want to put this under the biography test because itís in a realm on its own. The girl will ask if you're a player and/or if you only use women for sex, money..etc etc.

Failure Response: Answering no or yes, playing ignorant, ignoring the question...etc etc. Many wrong answers to this. Hell, even some of the right answers can be put in here if you don't know what you're doing.

Right Response: Almost the same as above, but its all in how you deliver it. The wrong answers can be right for you if you say it as if you're not bothered by the question. For example, "Yeah, I'm a player, I got 11 women waiting at my house if this doesn't work out." Pretty much all I'll say is don't be threatened or taken out your rhythm. I'm sure someone else has much better insight on this one.

6. Boyfriend : They will casually bring up the fact they have a boyfriend. Sometimes itís not even true but they want to see where you take things when she does say it. For example, I was throwing game a week ago and a girl says "My boyfriend likes this one show...blah blah blah." without even mentioning he existed in the first place. Granted, I never asked.

Failure Response: Giving up pretty much. The almighty boyfriend card is like a wall and when girls see you going full speed at them with your game. They'll throw it up and smash your ass. Intentionally or not.

Right Response: Pretty much keeping your game up and ignoring the fact that she said it. You can also use some cocky and funny to make fun of her. For example, "YOU have a boyfriend." in an accusing tone that implies she's the type that doesn't get asked out. I've seen something that I've never tried, it goes something like "I got a boyfriend too, but he lets me see other people" in a joking manner. Try it out and see if that works for you. If she really has a boyfriend then just read this article and it'll help you. (INSERT GIRLS THAT ARE TAKEN)***

7. Temper tantrum : Ok, this one really makes me laugh. The girl will have this overdramatic reaction to the simplest little thing as if it offended her on some godly scale. Like you pull some c + f about her hair, and she freaks out on you. I'm sure some of you have seen this before. This can throw a newbie into nervousness faster than many things.

Failure Response: Apologizing for one. Obviously clamming up and letting her have her way.

Right Response: First of all, look at her as if she's being ridiculous. She's acting like a child and itís uncalled for. Tell her that she better straighten up or you'll leave her ass there to finish her temper tantrum by herself. Also, chuckling at her nonsense helps too. I find it funny, so why not laugh?

8. Let's talk about S-E-X : This one is hard if you're a newbie. Your experience is low and boom out of nowhere she's talking about sex. She's not being too obvious with her wanting it, but nonetheless itís the topic of conversation. Those with little experience will be blown away by this. Let's see if I can help.

Failure Response: Getting nervous and trying to shy away from the subject shows you're not a man or you fear your sexuality. Getting quiet won't help you either, sorry fellas. Suggesting you go fuck after she starts subtly mentioning sex isn't a good plan neither.

Right Response: Plenty of them, but here's mine taken from my own trials and stuff I've seen around the net. First of all, don't back down. Just because she went straight to the nitty-gritty doesn't mean you should stop looking her in the eye. Keep that eye contact up to show you aren't scared of her pathetic attempt to ruin your game. Listen to what she has to say and accuse her of having sexual thoughts about you and also accuse her of being too fast for a lady. "We've only known each other for one day and you're already trying to get me in bed? I know you want me but you'll have to wait to get some of this." I'm sure some of you have much better responses than that, please share them. You're in charge, if she's talking about sex then she probably really is thinking about it and if you're on a date then that's a good thing even if you're not ready for sex. Use this as a chance to amplify her attraction.
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