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Would you girlfirend say no to Brad Pitt?†

By: DJ Diddy

Gentlemen, lets use a scenario when it comes to understanding women. You have been dating your girlfriend for two and a half years. You have remained committed and selfless and now you are considering (gasp) marrying her. One night your girlfriend and her female counterparts or co-workers decide to unwind after a long week by going to a popular night club. She is sipping her usual martinis and casually dancing around the dance floor with her girlfriends. A man comes up from behind and approaches your girl and a) asks her for a dance or b) worst case scenario: starts grinding up on her. When she turns around, she sees itís non other than Brad Pitt!


Would she push him away? 9.5/10 women would not. I say 9.5 because most of her wants to and a tiny part of her may say no just to avoid the guilt trip. (Tell me it isnít so!) Now letís imagine that everything went well with the dance and she gets offered a few drinks and a convo. Do you think that she isnít having problems hiding her mischievous little grin? I sincerely doubt it, my friend. She is probably lit up like a Christmas tree. But wait! Now when the time comes¶ If he put his arm around your girl and said, ďI would love to show you my new house in town. How about a little after party at my place?Ē Is she still going to be faithful? Chances are you lost her at hello. First examine yourself before trying to pick apart women. Could you turn away sex from Jessica Alba?


If you answered ĒYesĒ to the previous question, then you probably havenít been interacted with a supermodel or sexy single actress before. Most importantly, you probably arenít ready to handle that kind of situation. And thatís why Iím here to help.


You see, women love sex as much as men do. However, what stimulates men isnít necessarily the same potion that would make women want to bust out her love-making lotions. Unfortunately, it is my recommendation that you realize that no matter what type of ball and chain a woman might have, might be irrelevant. So stop feeling like you can


t have any woman you want. If Brad Pitt has no mercy to the female gender, why should you? Just remember that if she is attracted to you, you can do what you please with her. But how else would you know unless you became Brad Pitt for the day?

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