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You’re Hitting Roadblocks in Your Game- Is Feminism to Blame?

By: Derek Vitalio


Many guys out there looking to win with hot women blame feminism for their difficulties in getting laid.

The idea is that feminism has made women fat, not care about their appearance, dress dumpy, not wear makeup, and not take care of themselves in general.

The other idea is that feminism has given women so much power that women can’t be easily approached, and when a guy does an approach a woman, she’ll just shoot him down.

Really these two arguments are lame excuses and have nothing to do with reality.

The movement of feminism at its heart is primarily economic- that women should be able to work in the same occupations as men and earn the same amount as men.

The other aspect of feminism is social- that men shouldn’t be able to rape women and get away clean with it, or that he can’t just leave his woman barefoot and pregnant with three screaming children and run off to Rio without supporting his responsibilities.

As for women being FAT – that has much more to do with the fact that there’s a McDonald’s and Taco Bell on every street corner and rows upon rows of candy bars, potato chips, and Ben & Jerry’s ice creams at every pharmacy, convenience store, and gas station in every city.

That’s not feminism- that’s unregulated (and some might call out-of-control) capitalism coupled with a massive automobile and television industry.

If you want hotter tail to chase, stop scapegoating feminism and let’s revolutionize our culture where it counts, in fast food, lack of public transportation, and television.

As for women having “bitch shields”- this has nothing to do with feminism either. If you come across with social value to a girl, it doesn’t what ideology or beliefs she has in her head or what culture she comes from- she’ll feel attraction for you. If you come across as a socially valuable guy, she’ll throw all of her “feminism” or (just as likely) “conservative social values” out the window to be near you.

In fact, back in college I was friends with quite a few girls who were flaming feminists. And to them, feminism was a sex-positive movement that allowed women to be more free with whom they slept with. And the feminist girls were some of the EASIEST girls to get in bed with.

Of course, then there’s the other kind of “feminism”- the phony, materialistic “girl power” themes popularized most recently by singers like Fergie in “My Humps” and “Glamorous”.

But this “feminism” is largely dreamed up by old white GUYS in corporate boardrooms to sell millions of records to make themselves rich.

We shouldn’t confuse real feminism then with this materialistic “girl power” shoved down our throats by big media corporations.

And once we stop being bitter and angry at women, we can start to love and embrace everything about women. And watch, your success will take off the moment your attitude changes for the positive.

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Until next time,

Derek Vitalio

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