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Your Pleasure Comes First 

By: Derek Vitalio


 A lot of guys think that learning techniques and positions is what matters most in being a great lover. But they couldn’t be more wrong.

The FIRST thing you need to master in the bedroom, before anything else, is how to be a dominant MAN in bed, and not an average Joe.

Average Joe believes that a woman wants a man to respect her in the bedroom.

Average Joe believes that a woman doesn’t want to get fucked, but that she wants to “make love”.

Average Joe believes that men and women have to act equally in the bedroom in every way.

Average Joe makes sure she’s not uncomfortable at any point.

Average Joe always asks for permission before trying anything new.

And Average Joe convinces himself that he’s found a “good girl” who doesn’t like to do all those “other things”.

But Average Joe isn’t the bad boy that women sexually fantasize and get off to.

What women really want is a dominant man who will rail the living daylights out of her and who doesn’t ask permission to break her in half against the bed board.

Women really want to be sexually submissive to a powerful man who takes what he wants from her and tells her bad, dirty things in the heat of passion.

Women really want a man who puts her back in touch with her own animal nature and is free of all the sexual moralizing and inhibiting social conditioning.

In short, women get off in being sexually dominated.

This desire to spread her legs and be submissive to a dominant man is one of women’s deepest instincts. Biologically, through millions of years of evolutionary pressure, women desire to take the seed of a sexually dominant man and give birth to his sexually fit offspring.

Taking the lead and taking control in the bedroom also frees women of any guilt or inhibitions. Because they are being ravished, “swept away”, and taken with forcefulness and desire, women don’t have to feel guilty for letting their passions out and giving themselves up to pleasure.

So how do you become a dominant man in the bedroom?

Here’s the core mindset: Contrary to mainstream “Ms. Manners” sex advice, your pleasure comes first… and hers from yours.

The sexual beast inside of you has no inhibitions about treating her like a sexual object, free to satisfy your deepest desires. Don’t try too hard to please her. Don’t endlessly try to figure out what she wants. Don’t ask her for permission. Women want a leader in bed. Go with what pleases you in the moment. Tell her to do what you want her to do and how you want her to dress up for you.

Fuck her like a mindless sex toy. Fuck her on the walls, tables, chairs, standing up, with plenty of dirty talk and plenty of action in between. Throw yourself into it with abandon and with gusto, and without the worries or the fear.

Don’t worry about her pleasure or giving her an orgasm at first, take yours. Only when you’ve established dominance and hard fucking should you turn your attention back to giving her orgasms.

And even when she “leads” once in a while, you are letting her lead. You can take control and lead anytime you want.

That’s how the dominant man fucks his woman.

Now get to it soldier!

Derek Vitalio

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