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7 Body Language Secrets That Attract Women

By: Clark Cassidy

What is the biggest ďkeyĒ factor there is when it comes to approaching and attracting beautiful women?† Is it looks?† Nope.† Is it income?† No.† Is it age?† Not even close.† The biggest factor there is without a doubt is communication.

It gets a lot crazier then that, however.† Communication of course is how we talk to other people, right?† But what would you say if I told you that 90% of our day-to-day communication is done in a way where you donít have to speak at all?† Thatís right.† The majority of what we communicate doesnít even come from our mouths!

8 Commandments Of Attracting Women With Body Language

By: Oliver Turner

Hey guys,

Today Iím going to talk about something wildly important.

If you can master this one skill, then your interactions with women will flow a lot smoother. If you donít, then youíll find yourself having a hard time keeping a womanís interest.

Iím talking about BODY LANGUAGE here.

How to Use the Power of Body Language

By: Derek Vitalio

What do you say when you donít say anything?


We dance around this topic all the time, but itís ready for the spotlight: body language.† This is the most significant thing not just when dealing with women, but with communication period.

Nothing else even comes close.


Hone your communication skills with body language adjustments

By: Derek Vitalio

For this next body language communication exercise, I want you to slow down your speaking pace and become more intentional about your breathing.

Read the following passage aloud into the recorder some of you got at the body language communication class. But take the time to stop and breathe, so that every sentence has full breath support behind it. It should sound something more like this:

Body Language Basics For Seducing Women

By: Tiffany Taylor

Body language is VERY important. According to studies carried out over 50% of your message comes from your body language Ė what you DONíT say and less then 8% of your communication comes from what you DO say.

What does this mean to you?


The Number One Secret Behind the Alpha Male's Body Language

By: John Alexander

Watch a man with high status--Brad Pitt, George Clooney, or the CEO where you work--and you'll notice that he moves differently than the rest of us. He gives off vibes that he is hot stuff, and because of that, women get soaking wet over him.

You, too, can create that aura that makes you attractive to women.†

Are You Making These Body Language Mistakes With Your Hands

By: John Alexander


Unfortunately, what you do with your hands can be one of the quickest non-verbal ways to annihilate the attraction that a woman feels for you, because the wrong hand movements can correspond that you are a low-status, beta male.†

Body Language
By: John Alexander
An estimated 67% to 93% of human communication (according to college researchers) is non-verbal, and your body language reveals your inner emotional state. Whether someone's parents just passed away, or whether they just got promoted to CEO... you can tell by observing their body language.
Using your Voice and Body Language to Pick Up Chicks
By: Gambler
Most men think that picking up a girl is a matter of using witty lines and routines, but much more significant than the words you actually use are the way you present your body to the girl. Words can lie, but the body doesnít, and the two crucial aspects of a bodyís presentation are its stance and the quality of the voice, which can be viewed as an interpretation of the bodyís inner state. Good voice and good body language express great confidence.
Body Language - Displaying Alpha Male Status

By: Don Charlie

When you are talking to a ďguruĒ they usually tell you how to approach the woman, how to talk to her, etc. You walk up to her, open with a fancy ice breaker, and then lay the newest seduction or attraction tactic on the market. What if you do everything right and it still doesnít work? Itís probably because youíre not giving the body language to that will get you laid.



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