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8 Commandments Of Attracting Women With Body Language

By: Oliver Turner

Hey guys,

Today Iím going to talk about something wildly important.

If you can master this one skill, then your interactions with women will flow a lot smoother. If you donít, then youíll find yourself having a hard time keeping a womanís interest.

Iím talking about BODY LANGUAGE here.

Contrary to popular belief, body language is the single most powerful method of communicating with people. Thatís why they say ďAction speaks louder than wordsĒ.

ÖAnd if you donít have the proper body language when communicating with women, then thereís no line or technique in the world that will work for you or save your ass.

On the other hand, when youíre able to master your body and the different ways you can communicate with it, then youíll find yourself attracting women even before you open your mouth.

Itís that powerful.

So without further ado, here are the 8 commandments of attracting women with your body language:

- Thou shall not shake or move a lot in the presence of an

attractive woman. Men tend to easily get intimidated with

women that are way above their league. Itís really funny to

watch. It usually goes like this: Man sees attractive woman. Man

starts to smile nervously. Man starts to make unnecessary

movement because of the extra energy he feels. Man gets very

jittery. When woman gets close, man tends to change his

behavior. If youíre nervous all throughout the interaction,

chances are sheíll be nervous too, and thatís not good.

- Thou shall not have thy hands inside the front pockets.

Never have your hand inside your front pockets when youíre

talking with women unless itís below freezing and you donít have

any gloves. Get used to having your hands out of your pocket

and at the same time, it gives away the fact that youíre nervous, and thatís also not good.

- Thou shall not stand or sit too close or too far from her. If

you stay to close to her, right from the bat, then she will feel

very uncomfortable. If youíre too far from her, then it wonít feel

like itís a conversation. Iíve had success with starting off at

about 3-5 feet away, and slowly get closer at specific points of

the interaction. Try mixing it up. At high and fun points take a

step closer or move your chair closer. At low points step away a

little bit. Experiment with it.

- Thou shall relax and Lean back. Iíve discovered that when

you assume a relaxed position, even if youíre nervous, you

slowly start to feel more relaxed. Next time youíre in an

interaction, just lean back and try to be as relaxed and

comfortable as you can. That includes doing things like leaning

back, taking up some space, and leaning against the wall. Do

whatever helps you relax. For example, when Iím calling up a

girl for the first time, I used to lay down flat on the floor and

take deep breaths. For some reason, it helped me relax more.

- Thou shall not stand up like a soldier. Have you ever been

guilty of standing up too straight while youíre talking to a

woman? Similar to how you would stand and act if youíre talking

to an authority figure? Most guys take interactions with women

too seriously. They stand up so erect that itís almost too funny.

to watch. Their shoulders become tense and they act all stiff

to the point that they make themselves nervous. If youíre guilty

of this, relax. Women are human beings too. Theyíre not some

sort of super human goddesses from outer space you know?

They do the same things you do. They just exert more effort and

time into looking good.

- Thou shall keep thy composure at all times. Have you ever

been in a situation gone bad? You probably didnít notice at that

time but everything about you changed. Your voice tone

probably changed. The way you stood up probably changed.

Everything changed. I used to be that way every time I thought

I got rejected by women. Iíd stutter, become jittery, and

eventually make a shameful exit. The exact same thing I did

every time I experienced a mild confrontation. It showed people

that you were emotionally affected by it. Not good. Iíve learned

that if you keep your composure and act as if nothing happened

then you end up maintaining control of the situation.

- Thou shall mirror her body language. Mirroring her body

language is a technique used to increase rapport and comfort

levels. If she crosses her arms then cross your arm. If she starts

to face you then face her. If she leans closer then do the same.

It also works the other way around. If she starts facing away

then do the same too. Iím sure you get the point.

- Thou shall walk and move slow. I modeled this behavior after

guys that were NATURALS when it came to dealing with women.

Everything they did was almost too smooth. They walked,

talked, and moved slow. They took their time almost like they

owned time. And the more I started acting that way, the more

positive responses I got from women.

Let me ask ya thisÖ

Do you follow at least 3 of the commandments that I mentioned above?

Let me suggest thisÖ

Next time that youíre out interacting with women, try this:

Lean back...

Feet spread apart...

Don't be too stiff...

Don't tense your shoulders up... Hands out of the pockets... Slow and confident movements... Be comfortable...

Be comfortable...

Be comfortable...




Take a deep breath....

Inhale... Exhale...

Slowly smile and talk to her....

Got it?


Now if you enjoyed this article, then I have good news for you.

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Donít let your dating life pass you by!

Make it count,

Oliver Turner

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