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Body Language: Displaying Alpha Male Status

By: Don Charlie

When you are talking to a ďguruĒ they usually tell you how to approach the woman, how to talk to her, etc. You walk up to her, open with a fancy ice breaker, and then lay the newest seduction or attraction tactic on the market. What if you do everything right and it still doesnít work? Itís probably because youíre not giving the body language to that will get you laid.

What these ďgurusĒ fail to tell you is the bulk of a conversation is NOT verbal. You give away more signals by the way you hold your body. You donít know it, but when you are hunched over, hesitant to hold eye-contact, you are telling the woman ďI am a loser, and I am not worth your time, you are better then me.Ē

Having sex with a beautiful woman is won and lost with body language. You can take the hottest man and give him bad body language and he will never get laid. Or, you could take the ugliest man on this planet, up his body language and he will get more ass than a toilet seat.

What if I were to tell you that there are certain things you can do to improve the vibe you give off by just changing the way you hold your body? What if I told you that just by doing these tactics, it will increase your success with women INSTANTLY?

The great thing about body language is that it doesnít apply JUST to women. You can use these tricks and techniques Iím about to show you to improve your daily life. Iíve seen guys that have horrible jobs, and horrible social lives change just a few things in the way they hold themselves and almost instantly their social lives change, or they get that nice promotion they want. Almost everything we deal with is about image.

Are you asking yourself these questions:

  • How do I use body language to attract and seduce women?
  • How do I use it to help me meet women?
  • How do I use it to help me establish a alpha male status?

Here are my number one tips on giving off your alpha status:

Donít Slouch- Slouching gives you a sloppy look. You look like a pessimistic person with no life. You look non sociable, and it gives you a vibe that you are not confident

Stand up and Sit up straight- Many folks think that the spinal chord is supposed to be straight. No, it is suppose to have an arch in it. Not the arch it has when youíre slouching though. So, always hold youíre back straight. Remember though, your spinal chord doesnít start and end in your back, it extends all the way to the back of your cranium, so make sure everythingís lined up.

Never Cross your Arms- This gives a strong vibe out to people that you are a Ďclosedí person. You are not Ďopení for business. You are sheltered and protected, and you donít want to let anyone in on your life.

Take up as much room as possible- Do you think natural born players crunch up in a small space? Do you think our caveman ancestors took up little room? A few might have, but the alpha caveman took up as much room as possible, claiming their territory. Letís apply this still true principle today. If youíre sitting down in a class room, spread your legs out, lean back a bit. If youíre sitting on a couch, take up more then just one seat. This gives status that you ARE the man, and no one else is on your level.

Eye Contact- This is probably the most important part in body language. Nothing gives off alpha male status then eye contact. Whenever you talk, talk to people while you look directly into their eyes. If you see a woman while youíre walking and she looks over at you, LOCK EYE CONTACT. This gives off superior status. I canít stress this enough. Also, never EVER be the first person to break eye contact, this sends off a subconscious vibe that you are weak, and the person who held it the longest no has all the power.

Come visit this page periodically, I will be updating it as new techniques are discovered and perfected.

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