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Body Language

By: John Alexander

An estimated 67% to 93% of human communication (according to college researchers) is non-verbal, and your body language reveals your inner emotional state. Whether someone's parents just passed away, or whether they just got promoted to CEO... you can tell by observing their body language.

So, as a man who attempts to pick up and seduce women, you should be aware of what you're communicating non-verbally.

Body language can be summed up by the following:

- Your movements. They should be casual, as if you're so fabulously successful that there's rarely a reason for you to neither rush nor try to impress anyone. Move through the world doing what you want and assuming that others will follow.

- The displacement of your body. Your arms and legs should be broadened out. Don't be afraid to take up room.

- Your voice. It should have a tranquil, soothing, and commanding effect. Don't speak too quickly or strain your voice.

- Your face. Keep your facial muscles calm. Never tense your jaw, and only seldom should you frown or crumple your brow.

- Your shoulders. Keep them relaxed like they'd be if you just got a massage. Don't lift them up like an anxious person.

I would even go as far as to state that you body language is more important than anything you say, because if your body language doesn't go with what you say, then you won't be successful with women.

You see, if you tell a woman stories that express your confidence, but at the same time you slouch over and cross your arms, then you come across as fake.

I've picked up women before simply through the use of my body language. For example, a couple months ago I was at a coffee shop that I frequent, lounging on the couch, arms stretched out, with my feet up on the table.

The state of mind I had was that I felt so relaxed that it was as if I were in my home lounging on my own couch. It was like if I owned the coffee shop.

The net outcome was that a girl sitting close to me put down her book and started engaging me in casual small talk.

(Quick Tip: Whenever an attractive girl you don't know starts a casual conversation with you, you should ALWAYS assume that she's attracted to you. This is because women usually won't risk the whole male-female dynamic, particularly with a stranger, unless they feel attraction.)

The discussion went on for awhile, I got her number, called her that night, and a few days later we met and after several hours went to her place, where I spent the night. (We at last had sex in the morning.)

The bottom line though is that she became initially attracted to me and approached me because of my body language.

Now, of course body language isn't enough. You also must have an internal alpha male state of mind that's constant with your body language.

But make no mistake about it... if your body language displays confidence, then your mood will also shift to become more confident. And have you ever realized how when you walk with a spring in your step, you feel more upbeat?

On the other hand, when you cast your eyes down and drag your feet, you feel miserable. So your attitude also follows the body language that you take on.

So, in conclusion, be an alpha male with your mindset and your body language. Be in a woman's private space and be sexual and involved in her, but at the same time don't be deprived or desperate for her attention. Just be easy and enjoy yourself.

And when your body language displays that, it means you'll later be at ease and enjoying yourself... with the woman.

John Alexander is writer of How to Become an Alpha Male, a seduction success method for men that will have you displaying body language that attracts women like a magnet. Click here if you'd like to learn more.

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Body Language

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