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Using your Voice and Body Language to Pick Up Chicks

By: Gambler

Most men think that picking up a girl is a matter of using witty lines and routines, but much more significant than the words you actually use are the way you present your body to the girl. Words can lie, but the body doesn’t, and the two crucial aspects of a body’s presentation are its stance and the quality of the voice, which can be viewed as an interpretation of the body’s inner state. Good voice and good body language express great confidence.

1. Have a deep, powerful voice that comes from the diaphragm.

First of all, learn to breathe from the abdomen – this is the essential basis for a powerful voice which will allow you to convey the emotional range of expression that captivates beautiful women.

2. Speak slowly and clearly.

Without overdoing it, pronounce every word – make them all count! Eliminate redundant words such as “uh”, “like”, and “you know”.

3. Speak rhythmically.

Use pauses to create a hypnotic lilt to your delivery.

4. Speak loudly.

This is vital, especially in loud venues, and in the early stages of an interaction. When you’re sitting close and comfortable with a girl later on, you can (and should!) drop the volume, but a loud delivery on the initial approach is necessary to arrest a girl’s attention.

5. Open sets over your shoulder.

You need to convey sufficient disinterest when approaching a girl (the approach itself is sufficient indication of interest) to divest her of the fear that she’s going to have trouble getting rid of you. This will allow her to take a chance on investing in the interaction. When initially start talking to a girl, your head should be facing towards her but your body should be facing away. There are two ordinary scenarios – in the first, you are with your friends and casually open a girl in an adjacent group; in the second, you are walking in the venue and open her “on your way back” to your friends.

6. Lean back

Get her to come towards you, gesture her with your hand or finger if necessary. Many novices lean into a girl when they first speak to her, which telegraphs excessive interest at too early a stage of the interaction. Also, try to stay as still as possible by minimizing unnecessary or nervous fidgeting; every movement of your body should be expressive and to the point.

When you have mastered some or all of these elements, the whole process of a pick-up will become infinitely more straightforward since you will be conveying so much value non-verbally. Try to work on all of these, and have friends observe and point out what you’re doing wrong.


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