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The #1 Seduction Book of 2010!
Imagine having the ability to walk into a room and having the ability to pick ANY woman you want and get them to leave with you!  Now you can.  After testing and developing these methods for over three years, this book will literally walk you through step-by-step how to approach, attract, and seduce beautiful women...Learn More...



Attraction and Seduction CD/DVD
Cocky Comedy

 Title: Cocky Comedy
David DeAngelo
Length: 6 CD's/DVD's + TONS of Bonus Content
Rating: 10/10

These valuable DVD's are actually a very valuable "how-to" for the powerful combination I like to call "Cocky Comedy" to not only MAKE women laugh, but also to make women feel ATTRACTION for you and literally BEG to be around you.

Cocky Comedy is based on a technique called "Cocky/Funny" that David DeAngelo revolutionized a few years ago. It is such a powerful technique to picking up women, that in fact every single guru out there uses some type of variation of cocky/funny, even if they try to camouflage it by calling it something else. I personally base most of my game around the concept of Cocky/Funny.

David takes what would normally be a boring-lecture style seminar and completely transforms it into something that will keep your attention and will help you discover how to attract and seduce women. I cannot emphasize enough how necessary and powerful this tool is. This method is SO proven, that he offers a 100% refund guarantee! This DVD series will JUMP start you with techniques and a mind-set that will start working for you instantly.


I used to sit at the bar and just watch the girls walk by, but now since David DeAngelo, I get up off my ass and go do something about it. Where I used to get rejected and embarrassed, now I can walk with my head held high and attract ANY woman I lay my eyes on. It's so easy for me now, it should be illegal! J.D. from Philadelphia


Meeting Women Online

 Title: Meeting Women Online
David DeAngelo
Length: 10 CD's/DVD's + TONS of Bonus Content
Rating: 9/10

The Meeting Women Online program is one of the best specialized programs I've ever had the pleasure of watching.  David DeAngelo is back with another solid product that will literally take you by the hand and walk you step-by-step to creating a powerful mind set that will help you attract women online.

If you are like me, and I know you are, you get tired of going out every weekend (not to mention tired of spending all that club/bar money!).  That is why this program is designed for you.  It introduces a whole new dyamic to picking up women and it's taking off like wildfire!

With the invention of places like MySpace, Facebook, E-Harmoney, etc., more women are going online to get their social urges cured.  It is now EXTREMELY common to see almost perfect 10's put up a profile of themselves in hopes to meet someone different because they are tired of being approached by the same old boring and mundane guys.

This guide will take you through everything needed to make you a virtual chick magnent.  It will teach you everything you need to know about creating profiles, making them attractive, using pictures, how to display information about yourself, how to initiate conversation with women online, and it even teaches you how to move to the next level -- real life dating!

I used to think it was dorks that tried to meet women online. Little did I know! I had no idea the women that were available to meet this way. I have definitely seen some very positive results now.  If you are a shy person, learning to meet women online can be a great way to become better at meeting women offline. - Mark from LA, California



 Title: Virtuosity
Scot McKay and Others
Length: Over 70 Hours of Audio and Video Content!
Rating: 9/10

Most of the products I recommend only touch base on how to pick up, attract, and seduce beautiful women. This product is LIGHT years away from many of the other products found on this site. Where it does touch heavily on how to build attraction and picking up women, it puts a very special emphasis on life and self-improvement.

You also don't just hear one guys biased opinion on the subject. Scot has literally combed the world looking for experts in all subjects from personal confidence, to building attraction, and to living a better life and the are ALL featured in this amazing program.

Overall, Scot McKay revolutionizes every conceivable step to achieving REAL success with women…from initial pickup and rapport all the way through advanced relationship management. It’s all in there, gentlemen. He himself has achieved what just about every man dreams of, and now he appears to be nothing short of obsessed with imparting every single secret he has ever discovered with you.


WOW, I'm a like a big kid in a huge candy store... Your VIRTUOSITY program is out of this world. No doubt about that. What I heard so far is so advanced that it's mind boggling.- Patrick from Canada