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First Date Ideas

Pros: Museums are (usually) really interesting and kick ass.  They can be cheap in most cases, and provide for LOTS of opinionated conversation.

Cons: Lots of walking, lots of talking.  If the date turns sour, your pretty much fucked

Notes:  Go to a GOOD museum!   If you can, look up reviews and ask people who've been before.  Don't go to a dull museum without much color, go to one that has a lot of color variations, interesting things (like fossils), art, etc.


Pros: At first glance, zoo's may look a bit cheesy and uncomfortable for a first date.  Well, assuming the weather is perfect, a trip to the zoo can be one of the best first/second/third dates you can possibly go on.  It allows a perfect mixture of communication and entertainment.  Just keep it light, and make sure it's not too cold or to hot.  Usually zoo's have on-location resteraunts so it's a perfect oppurtunity for more interaction as well.


Cons:  Some zoo's are more expensive then other, and if the weather turns you're pretty much shit out of luck.


Notes: Girls go moist over cute animals.

Drive-In Movies

Pros: Drive-In Movies kick ass.  They provide the entertainment of an actual movie, but with more seclusion and privacy for "fun".


Cons:  Could be abunch of kids around or something gay like that.


Notes:  A LOT of people who think they know something about attracting women will tell you "ohh nooo, movies are bad for a (first) date, blah blah."  Drive-In Movies are the exception.  They are really fun, and they are DIFFERENT!  That's what it's all about.  

Comedy Club

Pros: Comedy Clubs are a great place for a great first date. You sit around with your woman, and just laugh your asses off for an hour or so. This is great for "Anchoring". Just like the concert, whenever she will think of you (if the person you went to see was actually funny), she will automatically think of you and how much of a good time she had. This will send all those feelings of humor and well-being back to her and she will relive the experience. If that doesn't seal the deal, then knowing that most comedy clubs serve alcohol should!


Cons: Sometimes people just aren't funny. There could also be a tought time talking (possibly).


Notes: Make sure you pick a comedian thats funny


Pros:  Winerys are great for first dates for three reasons. Alcohol, Alcohol, Alcohol.  Haha, just playing.  However, alcohol is a common feature at winerys, it's also usually accompanied with GREAT scenery, and great food.  You hardly see these now a days, so you will definitely get points for it being a rare date.


Cons:  Depending on the type of person you are, alcohol could be a problem.


Notes:  Winerys aren't for getting drunk.  They are for relaxation and tasting.  Make sure you keep that mind and try not to drink too much. 

Coffee/Tea Shop

Pros:  It's a great, laid back type of atmosphere.  In fact, it's SO casual, most women won't even assosiate it with a first date.  Why is that so good?  It cuts out TONS of barriers.  When women conciously think they are on a first date, they put up barriers like: "no sex on the first date," "gotta play hard to get," etc.  It's also cheap if your a broke college student


Cons: It's becoming more and more popular now-a-days so it might become the next version of "dinner and a movie."  I doubt it though.  


Notes:  You might want to work on your conversational skills before trying this one, because thats all that there is to do.  Work on transitions, keeping the conversation light, fun, and you should be golden.


Pros: Concerts are a great idea for first dates because of what it involves.  It's pretty much just an hour or more of pure adrenaline.  Why is it good though?  Guys NEVER take girls to concerts for first dates.  It's a great place to "break the routine".  It's also good because of the psychological affects it has on women.  If you take a woman to a (kick ass) concert, she will always and forever remember it.  So, from then on, everytime she thinks of you, she will be reminded of all the good, fun, and exciting feelings she felt when she was with you at that concert.


Cons: It can be loud, and crowded.  This could cut down on conversation between the two of you.


 Notes:  Try to pick a band/artist/genre you both like.