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The #1 Seduction Book of 2011!
Imagine having the ability to walk into a room and having the ability to pick ANY woman you want and get her to leave with you!† Now you can.† After testing and developing these methods for over three years, this book will literally walk you through step-by-step how to approach, attract, and seduce beautiful women...Learn More...



Seduction and Attraction Books to Help You Succeed With Women


Book: Successful Seduction
Author: Clark Cassidy, owner of www.theplayersociety.com
Pages: 104 + 6 MASSIVE bonuses
Rating: 10/10

Finally, after years of experimenting and discovery we have finally released our very own guide!† This is by far the greatest book ever written on the subject of picking up, attracting, and seducing beautiful women.

This is a pretty big claim, but I've got the credentials to back it up!† I have ran an operated this site for over 3 years now and I have PERSONALLY tried, attempted, and tested every single method and technique for attracting women that has came across my desk (so far I have reviewed over 107 of the worlds best and worst dating guides)! †

I have done something extremely special for this guide.† I have taken everything that works, gotten rid of everything that doesn't, and I have added my very own "black book" techniques that have never-before been released until now.† It's an extremely personal approach, as I literally walk you through each step of picking up women; the approach, building the attraction, and seducing them into the bedroom. †

Clark, I've read your book twice now and it seems like the more I read it the more my jaw drops! The information in this book is simply amazing. I used to struggle at getting dates with women, and I mean REALLY struggle. I dominate it so much so that I got sick of dating two or three women at a time (not to mention it gets a little expensive), so I finally decided to go for broke! I tagged a Brazilian model...and yes, I did say model (thanx to you!!). She's in love, and I've only known her for a week. Thanks Man! Richard - Florida

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Book: Double Your Dating: 2nd edition
Author: David DeAngelo
Pages: 148
Rating: 11/10

You guys might be asking yourself "the highest rating you can have is 10/10, how can you have a 11/10 rating?"
This book is THAT good! It is definitely one of the greatest books ever written on how to be successful with women. I recommend this book to anyone, starting out, or a 10 year pro. David DeAngelo is one of the leading attraction/seduction guru's in the world right now.

This book is completely FILLED to the bursting point of information that is necessary to seduce and attract women. "But, its only 148 pages?Ē YES, I KNOW. Thatís what makes it so weird, itís EXACTLY what you need, and nothing else, if this book doesn't get you laid, nothing else will. I personally used this book as a "bible" when I first started picking up women.

Not only is this book the most resourceful, it's also the most practical, simple, and EASY to-use guide on the net! So instead of wasting your time repeating wasted and tired lines to pick-up women, David actually teaches you how to pick-up women with his tried, tested, and GUARANTEED techniques, all the while having fun at the same time! David DeAngelo is also the creator of the famous technique "Cocky/Funny," which he goes over in GREAT detail in his Double Your Dating book. This Cocky/Funny technique has helped many guys attract and seduce women by just using that tactic alone! When you order this easy and proven guide, not only do you get his Doulbe Your Dating e-book, but you also get three FREE (yes, FREE) e-books including: Bridges, Sex Secrets, and 8 personality types that attract women. So, if you have trouble with women, aren't getting laid, can't seduce or attract women, etc, then THIS book is the remedy for your problems.

...This book should be required reading for all men before they're allowed to talk to women. The more that I use the attitude and tips that you wrote in your book, the more women respond to me. It's amazing. Who knew that you could actually learn to be more successful with women from a book? And your two bonus reports are truly amazing. They are probably the most profound insights about meeting women that I've ever seen or heard of...Ē R.M.óSan Diego, CA

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mastery-box-sml copy.jpg Book: Mastery Series
Author: Various Authors
Pages: 200 for the e-book, it also comes with HOURS of audio
Rating: 10/10

After listening to all the hours of the audio, and reading all of the information contained in the e-book, only one word comes to mind: WOW! If you want a FAST and GUARANTEED way of completely changing your love-life, then this product is for you. Not only will this product change your love-life, but your social life over-all as well. Usually when you order products like this you get just a e-book with the same old recycled information. NOT WITH THIS. Not only do you get access to an e-book with completely new information, but you get UNLIMITED access to tons of interviews and audio-courses from a lot of the guru's.

Not only will you learn how to pick up women from guru's such as Thundercat (author of Art of Approaching), and Savoy (author of Magic Bullets, CEO of Mystery Method), but you will also learn how to be motivated to change your life over-all with the advice provided to you by meaning of the worlds leading success coaches.

So if your looking for a simple, easy, and GUARANTEED system on how to change your life over all, and you want to learn how to pick up, attract, and seduce women, then don't hesitate any longer, and click the link below.

I am short for a man...And I used to have no luck whatsoever with women. However, after using your techniques, I've had dates with not just one, but numerous hot women!...I'm so happy and satisfied. I'm convinced that you are one of the best seduction experts around!" -- Jason Rico (San Francisco, CA)

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Book: Natural Game
Author: Gambler
Pages: 122
Rating: 9/10

Gambler has been making leaps and bounds within the attraction community lately.† Time after time he has proved himself one of the most well-spoken and intelligent pick up artists out there.† Being on the Amazons best seller list and being Europe's "Favorite Pick Up Artist" should only emphasize the fact that this guy KNOWS exactly what YOU need to be able to pick up, attract, and seduce beautiful women.

In his new book "Natural Game" he goes over step-by-step of what you need to know, and what you need to do in order to approach women on the street, attract them on a date, and seduce them into the bedroom.† This book delivers on what it promises, and it promises that after you finish this book, follow the lessons outline, that you will be able to sleep with ANY woman you desire,† so easy in fact that it's like shooting fish in a barrel!
"Iíve noticed a massive difference in myself after the weekend. Amazing. Like, yesterday I was in a meeting and I found myself more confident, in control of the group and a better communicator and that all after the weekend with you guys.† I also had a professional dancer falling all over me! Craziness, nice one!Ē Ryan - New York

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Book: How to Become an Alpha Male
Author: John Alexander
Pages: 159
Rating: 8/10

Tired of being a loser? Well so was the guy who created this wonderful product. Figure out how a 22-year old virgin went from being just friends with women, to laying a different girl every day of the week. Most folks donít understand that what REALLY attracts women is a man being a MAN. They donít want another person they can walk over. This is exactly what this book teaches you, it teaches you how to be the Alpha Male. In every group there are two types of people: Alphas and Betas. The Betas greatly out number the Alphas, but the Alphas get to CHOOSE who they sleep with while the Betas get stuck with sloppy seconds if their lucky. So if you want to learn how to pick up any woman out of the bunch and sleep with her shortly after meeting her, or you just want to learn how to improve your overall vibe, then this book is DEFINITELY for you. This is THE guide for learning how to attract women and become successful at seduction.
I tried your techniques tonight and had two chicks approach me right off the bat. The night ended when one of them gave me a blowjob...while the other set a date with me for next week!Ē Ė Ken S., Miami, FL

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artofapproaching.jpg Book: Art of Approaching
Author: Thundercat
Pages: 180
Rating: 8/10

This book is exactly what it sounds like. It is a COMPLETE, 100%, unadulterated step-by-step guide to approaching and picking up women. Where most books go over lightly on the approach (in my opinion, the most important part)

Thundercat shines by making his WHOLE book about it. The approach is the "make you or break you" point when trying to attract a woman. This book lays it out to you step-by-step, giving you detailed and clear examples, interesting and FUN ways to use the techniques you learn by reading the book.

Another interesting thing I LOVE about this book is that Thundercat doesn't JUST go over how to attract women. He really understands the concept of a player life style, and a big chunk at the end of his book is dedicated to improving your social life as a whole. While a nice guide written about how to approach women is nice, he is really spoiling us with this little extra. Where most authors fail, Thundercat provails!

I just want to think you for everything man, you are both a lady's man and a mans man. Your tips helped me in ways you cant imagine. I got off work and was driving my car and i was at a red light. A babe next to me was just waiting there with me and i started talking to her and she asked me if i wanted to go to the Wendy's around the corner! Hell yes i did. The light turned green and i got laid that night, and we are still going out. Thanks for everything! --Alec From New Jersey

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