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Tips and Tricks on How To Attract Women
Avoiding The Friend Zone

The single worst situation ANY man can be in is the infamous friends zone!† It is possible to avoid this, but it is something that must be done quick.† The biggest mistake that most guys make is coming across as too "safe".† This means that the woman feels they can pour their life story out to this guy and he will just sit and listen and try to comfort her.† You do NOT want to do this.† So, the easiest way to avoid the friend zone is to (as soon as possible) eliminate the "safety" factor.† This could be by placing your hand on her lower back while you're talking, maybe some flirting, or even a joke at her expense (as long as it doesn't make her cry and it's light hearted, you're golden!).

Story telling tip

Story telling can be a very important and very effecient tool when picking up women and get them attracted to you.† Here are 3 quick short tips to being a more effective story teller:

-Talk slow, know when to pause for effect

-Know what your going to say

-If it's a funny story, don't laugh at your own jokes.

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Walk the Walk
Believe it or not, the way you walk and hold yourself says more about you then your mouth ever could.† When you walk, take your time.† Be slow, but not a turtle.† Be smooth and planned in your movements.† Keep your shoulders thrown back, back straight, chest out, and head raised up just a little.† If you have terrible posture, you will feel better almost instantly when doing this.
Women Are Just People

One of the most important thing I learned about talking to women is that women are just people. All the excitement about not knowing what to say, anxiety, awkwardness, etc. would not be a subject if you see women not as people to amaze but just people like you and me. If you overlook the fact that you're trying to impress a woman and understand that you're having a conversation with a real life human being, I don't think you would have any problem talking to any woman at all. You can talk to a perfect 10 and attract her by showing that you appreciate her as a person and not just the fact that you think she's hot.

Stay Fresh!
Always stay fresh!† Always have fresh breath, always have on nice cologne, and as much as possible, always try to have on nice clothes with CLEAN, crisp shoes.† If you plan on being successful with women, you need to look the part.† Now, I'm not saying that you need to wear 100 dollar designer clothes, but just be clean and kept.
Improve Yourself

Everybody has ways they can improve generally on their appearance and lifestyle.† Starting RIGHT NOW, I want you to pick out ONE thing you absolutely HATE about yourself.† Now, dedicated the next 30 days to fixing that problem.†† If you're overweight, join a gym this month and work on shedding fat and building muscle.† If you have bad acne, work on curbing it.† If you're extremely hairy, get a wax, etc.† Each new habbit you pick up, I want you to make it a life long thing.† In 6 months you will have already had a MAJOR change in your life and your confidence and overall attractiveness should go through the roof!

Go out to have fun!
When you go out, don't go out for the SOLE purpose of picking up women. Go out to have fun! Go out for you! Don't EVER go out just to pick-up women. This way, if your new to the game, its a lot less stressful when talking to women and it also makes things more natural.
Avoid Supplication

Supplication is:

Holding the door for her when you are walking out

Paying for all her shit.

Buying her flowers on the first date.

Thinking she's the prettiest girl in the world.

Blah, blah, blah the list goes on. Supplication makes yourself look like a giant walking vagina with no testosterone or game. The only exception you should tell a girl that she's sexy is if she's ugly. (but if you're a player, and sincerely trying to get in her pants, why would you be doing this anyway?..)

Keep your emotions in check
When you are picking up, attracting, or seducing women, its VERY important to ALWAYS keep your emotions in check. If something doesn't go your way, don't blow it out of the water and get angry or sad. Just act casual, and put on a face that shows that nothing can phase you.
Kissing Tip

You've probably heard it before... or even used it but for those of you who havenít there are 2 things I like to do when kissing a girl that do a great job of gaining attraction and raising your value.

1) Be the first to end the kiss
let this happen by moving your head away, or even pushing her away with your hands; this shows her that youíre not completely desperate to choke her with your tongue.

2) Fake the kiss (used this recently, worked like a charm)
for example...if your going your separate ways... walk up to her go in like your about to kiss her,,, come close... stop and back away.... this just teases the hell outta them. Honestly I donít even know if this is a certainty... but I worked well for me.

If you donít believe me, try em yourself)

Be Congruent

Don't try and be someone your not. Do not paint your nails black and walk around with a 4 foot tall fuzzy hat. Its not you. A strong identity is a big part of the game.

What do you like?
What do you spend a lot of your time doing?
What makes you different then everyone else?

Those type of things make up who you are, now I'm not saying dont try and better yourself by copying someone else, changing yourself for the better is always a plus. But just try and do what feels good, what feels natural, not something that doesnt suite who you are.

High-School Tips

Say hi to everyone. Everyone you know, even if you have had only a few conversations with them. If you see them just say hi. If it is a girl make eye contact and smile and just say hey. That is all you have to do. If it is a guy, and he doesn't say hi to you, as you walk by you can punch him (not hard) on the shoulder and say his name. Acknowledge everyones presence is the point. You may have a conversation with a girl but whenever you see her in the hallway you just walk by and whatever relation you built is gone. If you say hi though, she will be more likely to start a conversation with you. Remeber you are the man. The player doesn't wait to be approached. The player doesn't let life pass him by and whatever comes to him is all he gets. The player goes out and makes it happen, so get out there and just say "HEY".

If you are walking along side the person, starting a conversation isn't out of the question... I'm not telling you to say "hey" then run away.