Women Have Tried To Ban This Book!
Imagine having the ability to peer into womens mind to find out EXACTLY what turns them on and attracts them.  Now you can.  Tiffany Taylor, a woman, has released this tell-all guide that women have tried to BAN from stores.  I can't guarantee it will be available for long, so check it out now while you can....Learn More!


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Paul Janka has pounded the streets of New York for years, allegedly hitting on over 10,000 women. So when he talks, guys listen. He's generally considered an "outsider" to the seduction community, which is probably a good thing. His fresh ideas and highly effective techniques make his latest book a MUST read. Within a week of implementing his stuff, you'll be experiencing a whole new level of success with women. Click here to learn more ...
Avoiding The Friend Zone PDF Print E-mail

The single worst situation ANY man can be in is the infamous friends zone!  It is possible to avoid this, but it is something that must be done quick.  The biggest mistake that most guys make is coming across as too "safe".  This means that the woman feels they can pour their life story out to this guy and he will just sit and listen and try to comfort her.  You do NOT want to do this.  So, the easiest way to avoid the friend zone is to (as soon as possible) eliminate the "safety" factor.  This could be by placing your hand on her lower back while you're talking, maybe some flirting, or even a joke at her expense (as long as it doesn't make her cry and it's light hearted, you're golden!).

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