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How to Not Pick Up Chicks On Facebook

A lot of guys ask me… Can I poke a girl on Facebook to establish a chat?  Here’s the fast response… NO!

Sure, it’s a neat little tool to utilize on your friends… but for picking up attractive women you hardly know or don’t know AT ALL on Facebook?  No way Jose.

Poking a girl (or internet hugging, kissing, etc.) is practically worthless… I mean… gorgeous girls probably get poked more than the Pillsbury Dough Boy on Facebook!

And just as regularly they push the “remove” button to get rid of those irritating pokes from hopeless guys.  I saw one of my hot girlfriend’s Facebook account and my chin hit the floor just from seeing how many guys she’s rejected just because they did this.

She literally had at least 50 guys (from the last day or two) poking her on a normal basis.  Her e-mail account was filled with alerts of guys she didn’t know sending her a poke.

“I don’t even have time to go through and delete all of these!” she tells me… boy, was she irritated!

Poking a girl isn’t unique or amusing… nor does it communicate any value or encourage any level of attraction.

Really… nothing beats a first-class, solid, well-thought original message that conveys a LOT of value without sounding too smug or egotistical… and that practically FORCES her to message you back.

Normally, chiefly on Facebook, this can be hard.  Typically because women on Facebook aren’t necessarily looking to hookup.

But amazingly, building a rapport with a beautiful chick on Facebook is much simpler than you think!

There are only a small number of main ingredients in an initial message that you in actuality need to have.  Listen carefully, here… because the opening message is almost certainly going to the most vital message... or absolutely one of the most key.

One of the main ingredients that your opening note needs to have is a strong point.  No, telling a girl that you hardly know on Facebook that she’s pretty isn’t a STRONG reason.  It’s a somewhat weak one.

And no… asking her to “webcam” with you isn’t going to work, also!  Too many guys do that. It’s extremely scary if you haven’t figured that one out yet…

A strong reason can vary from a very interesting open-ended question to a childish little statement about her profile picture.  No, a message like “How are you?” just won’t hack it. That may work in actual life if you communicate strong body language, but online, it must be much deeper… more considerate.

You really need to know how to push her interest buttons. You need to make her DESIRE to message you back.

I mean, you can even make a clever small judgment about her… something like… “Hey, you look like you’re on Facebook ALL the time…”

This will make her want to respond right back with a message.  She doesn’t want you to think that she’s a computer geek that has no life… so she’s going to be forced to message you back and fix how you initially felt about her.

Really, it’s rather a easy method that you can take advantage of.

Oh yeah, and remember… always have good spelling and grammar.

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