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Club/Bar Openers
  • Are you guys shy? I've been talking to my buddy here for ten minutes and you still haven't said "hi" to us.
  • Can I buy you a drink? (after she says yes) Can I borrow 5 bucks?
  • Are you guys super-shy or what? Iíve been here for ten minutes and you havenít offered to buy me a drink or even said hello.
  • I know you probably get no attention from guys whatsoever, so I thought Iíd come and make some conversation with you.
  • If there is two girls together, approach them and say to them "Excuse me, are youtwo off the TV or something?" (they always say no and why) you say "o right nevermind, what it is iv noticed alot blokes looking your way and i wanted to see what the fuzz is all about, so i thought i would come over and meet you both!"

    Theres a hidden compliment, its funny, and you make your self look a bit of an arse but at the same time you look confident, because no other bloke approached them. (Thanks Eddy)

  • Found a good opener, that needs to be done with total innocence (thinking of stickle bricks generally masks the true intent), just say in quite a coy way, hey, wow i really like your face, then move to other facial feature i.e.e eyes etc.. - tried this on 3 girls one said ah, i've got a boy friend, but commented that it was the best chat up line she'd ever heard and she normally hates them, tried it on another at the bar, said bye and went off to the dance floor, she followed came to dance and had a kiss, tried it on a third and ended up nailing her all in one night. the trick is in the innocence, totally all wide eyed and enthusiastic (Thanks James)
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