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Pick Up Artists/PUA Bios
 Gambler is one of the most intelligent players in the game right now. He has been top of the Amazon's best sellers list, and is now critically acclaimed as the UK's most popular and greatest pick up artists. He is a personal friend of mine, and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that this guy knows his stuff. I have never met another person who has been more comitted to finding out what really works when attracting women, it's almost unbelievable. Trust me when I say that he has went through all the hardships and learned all of the mistakes in the game so you don't have too.
Alex Coulson
 As the founder of Dating Workshops Alex believes that attracting women is an ability that can be taught to anyone no matter what their income, looks or nationality. Withes immense understanding of attraction theory, cocky wit, playful demeanor and his refined style he naturally attracts women to his side. Using this insight, he will guide you along the same path he did and turn you into an unstoppable chick magnent.
David DeAngelo

 David DeAngelo, the author of "Double Your Dating" is by far one of my FAVORITE pick up artists out there. He not only gives you the most quality information out there, he puts it out there in a way so that it's fun, easy to learn, and practically step-by-step! If you were to ask me what pick up artists material I recommend the most out of them all, David DeAngelo would be my immediate response. You see, David D. is a smart, educated ordinary guy. A normal guy, who for the longest time, like so many others, couldn't figure out why he didn't have the success with women he wanted and craved...

Derek Vitalio
 Derek Vitalio, the author and creator of the "Seduction Science" programs is one of the smartest cats on the scene right now. He has a MASSIVE amount of information and gives it to you in a way thats simple and easy to understand (which is great, especially for a caveman like myself). Not only is his eBook one of the most thorough books out there, but his CD programs are top-notch as well. If you need a more dynamic approach to picking up women (if the guides just aren't doing it for you) he also has a COMPLETE hypnosis program that will completely rewrite the way your brain thinks. I love this guy.

Pick Up Artists PUA Bios

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