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Gambler Bio

 At 21 Richard La Ruina was a loser living in Cambridge with his mother who
had never kissed a girl. After years of being called ugly at school and
being super shy and socially awkward, he had become depressed and his
self-esteem was as low as could be.

This desperation kicked him into action, he decided to do something about it
and started on a path of self-improvement. He studied everything from NLP
(neuro-linguistic programming), to fashion, to psychology and gradually
could see that he was becoming more confident. He forced himself to do
public speaking and purposefully sought out things that would push his
boundaries and expand his comfort zone.

At 25 years old, he'd still only kissed 2 girls, but that was then he found
out that game was just another area that could be learned. It wasn't
something you either had or not. He studied the theory for 6 months and
then moved to Leicester Sq, London and started going out 4 nights a week
putting it into practice. He learnt more in the first two weeks than in the
whole of the past six months. Within a month he got his first club
make-out, a few weeks later and his first F-close.

The next step was to take it to the next level, he wanted to be the best.
He started hanging around with the best PUAs and naturals. 40 nights in a
row of club gaming in 12 countries gave him great night club and non-verbal
game. Gambler was born a few months later when Richard started giving 1on1s
at a super low price. He trained guys for 12 hours straight and this forced
him to deliver and push himself time and time again.

The next year saw him make the leap from hot girls in average clubs and
semi-consistent results to being known as the best in Europe, the guy with
the hottest girls who can game in the toughest environments wth no wingman,
no routines, no peacocking, just himself and his natural game on the line.

Today, Gambler runs Europe's most successful seduction company which employs
10 full-time trainers, has been featured on prime time television, national
newspaper and radio, and is the author of The Natural Art of Seduction which
made it into the Amazon Bestsellers list.


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