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Tips and Tricks on How To Pick Up Women
Picking Up Women Online
 When picking up women online through messengers, myspace, facebook, etc., it is very important to to not come off as a creep. This little simple tip can make you or break you, and it's only a punctuation mark! Whenever you are approaching women or picking up women on myspace or AOL or YAHOO! or whatever else, you need to not ask so many questions. So when you first talk to them, something simple like "Hey, whats up." It makes you look like your not looking for validation and makes you come off less as a freak. So just remember for this small tip, keep question marks very limited!
A New Way To Get A Number

I was at a New Years party a few days ago and I decided to try out a new way of closing on a girl and getting her number. This is really a test of skill, so don't do it unless your really confident. Heres what you do, after you approach a woman and start making her laugh, building attraction, etc, drop this line on her: "We should get together sometime, come find me later on before you leave and give me your number." This will not work 100% of the time, but it did work for me 4 out of the 5 times I tried it that night. This is a really neat way to get a girls phone number because if they come back to give you their number, they are 100% interested in seeing and hearing from you again. But please try to remember, you have to drop this line at the PEAK of the conversation,  when you think it could get no better, drop that line and move on. This trick will NOT work if you give a bad first impression and it's really up to you how successful it is. Go try it!

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Approaching Women In Nightclubs
  • Always Smile
  • Look like your there to have fun, not to pick up women.
  • Plant Seeds. Simple greetins when you pass a chick, smiling and winking at another, etc.
  • NEVER hang out or be seen with the other guys who aren't dancing.
  • Be different. Keep every conversation unique, ask open-ended questions, etc.
  • If you're new to the club scene and nervous, set your sights kinda low. I don't mean dance with fatties or complete uglies, just don't approach the drop dead gorgeous ones first. Dancing with just ONE woman usually results dancing with every woman in the joint, even if the first one you dance with is a 6 or a 7 on the looks scale.
  • The worst thing you can do is say excuse me, pardon me, or anything where you're asking for their permission for you to talk to them. Just start talking. You dont need their permission. If you start like you need their permission, then you're just another tool in the crowd.
High Status Mind Set
Imagine a rich/popular/charismatic guy talking to a girl. Is he sitting there thinking: "Self, what do I have to do to let her know that I like her?" No, he's sitting there thinking: " Self, this girl is hot, but so is every other girl I know, why am I even wasting my time with her?"

You need the mindset of being the suavest/most popular/coolest guy in the world, the guy who doesn't worry if people think he likes them or not, and the guy who doesn't waste 2 seconds thinking how he can make people like him.
Mini-Rules For Approaching Women
1.  Make sure you are in the right avenue for approaching (I.E. not at a funeral)

2.  Avoid picking up angry/sad looking women.

3.  Figure out what you're going to say before you say it.

4.  If she's giving one-word answers, leave, she is not interested or attracted to you.

5.  Just do it, and don't over analyze! 

Eye Contact
It's all about that eye contact fellas.  When you approach a woman, look into her eyes.  Doing this little tip will put you above 99% of most men.  Most men, when in public, will avoid eye contact of hot women as much as possible.  Doing this makes you look like a horrible socializer.  So, whenever you are approaching women, in public, or in just general conversation, always look people in the eyes, and never be the first one to break eye contact.
Avoid These Topics
When you are talking to a woman and trying to build rapport, always avoid these topics: Religion, Politics, Your past love lifes (ex's, sexual experiences, etc), and finally, never talk about your money! The less they know about you, the better.  Here are some Conversation Starters.
Never be afraid to say whats on your mind

Never be afraid to say whats on your mind. If you think a woman is being a brat, tell her. If you think a woman is sexy, don't be afraid to let her know. This little tip will make sure that the woman is always competing to be best in your eyes, and can easily save you from being in the friends zone.

Never communicate a lower status

A real man who has his life together in every way is far more desirable than an attractive woman.
How many men have u known that where a total package meaning that they had all aspects of their lives handled from being in control of their emotions to keeping themselves healthy to knowing how to dress and grooming themselves to being great communicator, leader, and interesting conversationalist.
How many physically attractive woman have u known?
Most ppl have only known a handful of real men who have their lives totally together but they've met hundreds or thousands of attractive women.
Ask 10 attractive women about this and they'll tell u that beautiful women are everywhere, but a real man is very rare, desirable and in high demand.
Its all about status, never communicate lower status.

How to get ass in High-School.

We all know that school is starting soon right?

Now, the average high-school has 4 classes a day, some are 8, some vary, just depends.

But for EACH class your in, I want you to sit next to a hotty. Get atleast ONE girls phone number in EACH class.

Here is the tricky part, dont think of it as a pick up, think of it as just getting some peoples numbers for homework help or school help.

THAT way, you'll trick yourself into thinking its not a pick up, but in all reality, it is.

Have fun at school guys.

Get Some Gum Boys

Ok today I made a cool new little trick. I was unwrapping a stick of gum and was about to throw away the wrapper when for whatever reason, I folded it back up so it looked like there was gum still inside. So this gave me an idea. Write a note and stick it in the gum wrapper, fold it back up and give it to a girl.

I was too damn excited about this one, so I jotted down a message on a piece of paper, and folded the wrapper back up around it. Haha, so later today, as soon as I could, I approached a girl and ran normal game. I eventually had to go (didn't tell her this, I really had to I was in a rush) and asked her if she wanted some gum. She took it and I was out of there before she opened it.

The message was like:

Sorry about the gum, maybe if you are a good girl you'll get some next time.

Haha, maybe not the perfect message, I'll see if I get an IM. I thought it was a pretty fun idea though. Sorry if this is an old one too. Tell me what you think guys, and I'll tell ya if she IMs me.

Be The Exception

Listen guys, you dont have to be off the chain to get a girl, especially if they're not HB9+. I was just reading the shoutbox and macksta asked how to game a shy girl. Knowing the game gives you advantages, you can comprehend the situation and come up with something that will hopefully work. If you run into a super cold HB 10. Negg her hARD. Make her realize she's gunna need more than looks to get your attention and some more of your time. Likewise, if she isnt as good looking as some other girls then switch things up. You dont have to go through a lot of the bullshit you do with a higher caliber girl. Show some intrest, give her some attention, still keep the same pricipals but drop the heavy stuff. Girls have majour insecurities to wether your realize it or not.

Back to the question, shy girl, why not give her some attention. She might just open up and not be as shy.

Conclusion: Some people go overboard with there game, some people cant escalate. Do what the other guy beside you isnt doing. Be different.

Working the Waitress
Ever have a sexy waitress serving you and your friends, but you never knew what to say? Your game was probably awkward, but it’s a great opportunity to try anyways!

She will always have to come back to your table and you could always find an excuse to talk to her. But imagine what a sexy waitress would get asked at every table: “How long have you worked here.” “It must be hard being a waitress.” “Do you get hit on a lot while working here?” Yeah, probably all the time. The trick is to make her forget about her job. Most waitresses hate being a server. Yes, even that fine blonde chick at Hooters hates serving men… But they do tip well. So what do you do? Of course being cocky and funny will always work wonders, but you should also try to take the waitress out of her zone. Ask her something that she will have to debate with you. For example: “Is Miracle Whip a mayonnaise or a salad dressing?” “If Jesus were alive, do you think he would want to get married?” And whatever she says… Disagree. I guarantee you that she will come back time and time again, spending pointless minutes of her time trying to convince you otherwise. Make her laugh with your stupid theories and make her have fun at her already boring job. It’s really not that hard. Before you leave, shoot my favorite closer at her. “Hey (Waitress’ name), you seem like a lot of fun. We should hang out sometime.” Number close, leave a good tip, and leave. Or….. If it is late and you are drinking, ask her to take you home… This has worked wonders for me if I know that I have played my game properly. This is just a small sample of how to work the waitress, but remember. Make her have fun at her usually boring job and she will want to spend more time with you! It’s almost easier, because you don’t have to show her a good time at an already exciting place like the club. Go for it guys, I hope you liked the quick tip. Check Please!!!
Palm Reading

An old trick you can always use is the palm reading trick. You don't even need to know what you are doing, you can bullshit the whole entire thing. Take her hand and start making funny predictions. This gets in some good kino, and is an easy chance to make her laugh. One prediction I like to make is that 5 years from now, I see her doing my laundry.

Now heres a twist. If you have a wing, tell him to start talking to you right when you grab her hand. Just talk to him while holding her hand and lightly stroking it, like you are doing it unconciously. She will definately notice. Once he is done you can continue palm reading. This is really good kino.
Store Pick ups

I just realized this. I would meet chicks all the time at malls and department stores. But I wouldn't have to chase down a single one of them. How did I do that? Glad you asked. They were employees. You can go into any department store and just stand around pretending to check out clothing. It's usually her job to APPROACH YOU. Instead of saying that you don't need help, ask lots of questions and randomly practice your cocky and funny routines. Notice a chick in one of those jewelry, watch, or sunglasses squares in the middle of the mall. Stop and look over her items. She'll ask if you need help. And just talk away. You'll definately build up confidence. If it goes really well, ask her for her number.

Quick Tip: Go to the spots where female employees will be more likely to APPROACH YOU. Practice your game. Build your convo skills/confidence. Ask for their number, if you think you did well.
Pick-Me Ups
If you are new to the game (and relatively young) here is what you do. Go out to a mall far from where you live, where you know absolutely no one and will probably never see any of the people again. Approach women there. Just ask for the time, or just say hello and smile. Eventually you will become comfortable, and be able to actually approach and hold a conversation. If you fuck up, who cares, you won't ever see that person again. If you are on vacation out of state, you can go crazy with this one.
Rainy Days

This trick is really basic but makes for a good opener...If you know there will be rain showers on any given day, have an umbrella with you when you are out. Hot chicks don't like getting their hair wet.