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Tips and Tricks on How To Seduce Women
Leave Something There
 After you've closed the deal and successfuly gotten back to her place, if you like her, it's always a good idea to leave something there.  Maybe leave a shirt, a peice of jewelry (nothing expensive for obvious reasons), etc.  This gives you a great reason to go back over there and is a great way to get her to call you back.
2 Steps Forward 1 Step Back
One of the best things you can do when seducing women is a little method I called "2 steps forward, 1 step back".  When you are with a woman, start to escalate things.  Maybe place your hand on her hips, or go in for a kiss.  If you begin making out, stop abruptly and keep talking about what you were talking about before you started kissing.  Then gradually start building back up again.  This time perhaps you make out with her and you reach your hand under her skirt for a little "play".  After a few seconds, stop abruptly and go back to what you were doing.  This builds SO much sexual tension and will eventually get her BEGGING for you.

Ready to Seduce Women ? When you and your woman are in the moment, NOTHING gets her hotter then being teased. No, I do not mean "your momma so fat, her belly button has an echo." I mean sexual teasing. Take two steps forward, and one step back. If your kissing on her neck, stop before she gets too into it. If your making making out and she reaches for your zipper, back off. Make her wait. Women LOVE anticipation. Only give her the satisfaction at the ABSOLUTE last moment.  

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Sexual Hot Spots

Have you ever found yourself back at your place with a woman and not know what to do next?  You can tell sex is in the air, but you don't know what to do?  Here is a list of sexual hot spots that will get her hot and ready.

-General Neck Area  (with emphasis on the back of the neck)

-Boobs/Nipples (obviously) 

-Underside of the wrist/forearm

-Belly Button

-Inner Thigh


-Lower Back


-Taint (the area between the vag and the chocolate factory)

Don't spend too much time on one spot, keep it moving, changing, and exciting! 

Is she horny?

When your sitting down and your talking to a female... if you notice her moving her knees outwards and inwards ( <>....><....<>...><... ) then she defenitly has sex on her mind!
Cuz when ever i got sex on my mind, i always start doing it..

btw this tip has been tested to be successful..

When ever i talk to girl friends about sex they always start doing it.... believe it or not, they do it without even noticing they're doing it.. thats how horny they r lol.. and remember that the faster they're doing it, the more hornier they're getting.. and its ur job to forfil that fantasy!

She's horny and you know it!

Thought ill post this great tip up, to tell if the girl your macking is getting horny.

the girl will usually clap her knees inwards and outwards.. the faster she does it, the hornier she is haha.. pretty simple.. and then theres other obvious ones like playing with her hair and just constantly fidgeting with everything and waiting for your dumbass to make a move.

Cologne Trick
One tip that I learned from a friend I met via the community was as slick as it comes. Carry one of those tiny ass sample bottle of cologne in your pocket when you go to a chicks house. Before you leave, spray it on her bed, her couch, her towels... Everywhere where it will stick. After you leave the chick, she will still smell your scent around the place and will definately believe that she can't get you out of her head! This chick had called my man, Cod3r, back saying, "I just can't stop thinking about you. It's like I can't still smell you right next to me." (or something like that). I had to try it myself... In fact, I tried it three times and duplicated the success all-- three-- times. Be careful though, I had one of those tiny thin bottles and it broke in my pocket. Hah. Hope this helps fellas.