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Seminars from Pick Up Artists
Juggler's Seduction School

Introducing Juggler's mini-series "Juggler's Seduction School", watch as he takes 3 men (fat, short, and ugly) into the real world and successfully turns these every day average chumps and turns them into men that can pick up women, and creates something they can be attracted to.

Double Your Dating Seminar - Dating Women Online
Watch as David DeAngelo go over the pros, cons, and basics of meeting and dating women online!  Meeting women online used to be taboo, but now thanks to things such as match.com, myspace, and other social networks, it is now the social norm and hot women are only a click away!
Double Your Dating Seminar - Cocky Comedy
David DeAngelo and a few other guest speakers go over how to REALLY attract women: by using his famous and world renowned "Cocky Comedy" technique.