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The #1 Seduction Book of 2011!
Imagine having the ability to walk into a room and having the ability to pick ANY woman you want and get her to leave with you!  Now you can.  After testing and developing these methods for over three years, this book will literally walk you through step-by-step how to approach, attract, and seduce beautiful women...Learn More...

How to Get Girls

Got an amazing update for you today, tons of great material that will tell you exactly how to get girls.

How To Get Girls

We have also added an online dating tips section where we are going to start putting some amazing internet pick up articles for you, you can check that out here.

3 Internet Profile MISTAKES That Scare Women Away

How to Not Pick Up Chicks On Facebook

We Wrote a Book!
You may be wondering why I haven't updated the site in a while.  No, I haven't died.  No, I haven't forgotten about you.

Do you want to know what I was doing?

For the last 2 months I have been stuck at my desk and in coffee shops finishing a book that I've been working on for TWO years.

Yes, I wrote a book and it's called Successful Seduction   .

I have taken everything that I have learned, used what works, gotten rid of what doesn't, and I have added my own little 'touch' and my very own earth shattering secrets to picking up, attracting, and seducing beautiful women.

This book is two years in the making and I have personally tested every single method and technique I teach you in it myself, all with GREAT results!

So if you want to seduce women , and if you want to be FIRST in line to download this book when it is completed (December 15th) then go visit www.successfulseduction.com and sign up for my FREE newsletter (too sweeten the deal I even give you a free bonus book just for signing up!).

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy!

Art Of Seduction

Tons of brand new videos and articles for you guys!  Most of the articles are from new commers who are impressing me with their new skills so make sure you check them out!

 *Article of the Month* 5 Flirting Techniques To Help You Attract Women
Steps to Seduction
How To Get a Girls Phone Number
What Women HATE Most About Single Guys
8 Commandments Of Attracting Women With Body Language=

Art of Approaching and Pick Up

These articles are all about the art of appraoching and picking up women.  These are also great foundation articles if you want to get a girlfriend

How To Approach Groups Of Girls You Don't Know, And Get Them To Think You're Great

Where To Pick Up Women - Great Places To Meet More Women

How to Pick Up Women Online <- My Personal Favorite

How to Flirt With Women


Product of the Month


Book: Successful Seduction
Author: Clark Cassidy, owner of www.theplayersociety.com
Pages: 104 + 6 MASSIVE bonuses
Rating: 10/10

Finally, after years of experimenting and discovery we have finally released our very own guide!  This is by far the greatest book ever written on the subject of picking up, attracting, and seducing beautiful women.

This is a pretty big claim, but I've got the credentials to back it up!  I have ran an operated this site for over 3 years now and I have PERSONALLY tried, attempted, and tested every single method and technique for attracting women that has came across my desk (so far I have reviewed over 107 of the worlds best and worst dating guides)!  

I have done something extremely special for this guide.  I have taken everything that works, gotten rid of everything that doesn't, and I have added my very own "black book" techniques that have never-before been released until now.  It's an extremely personal approach, as I literally walk you through each step of picking up women; the approach, building the attraction, and seducing them into the bedroom.  

Clark, I've read your book twice now and it seems like the more I read it the more my jaw drops! The information in this book is simply amazing. I used to struggle at getting dates with women, and I mean REALLY struggle. I dominate it so much so that I got sick of dating two or three women at a time (not to mention it gets a little expensive), so I finally decided to go for broke! I tagged a Brazilian model...and yes, I did say model (thanx to you!!). She's in love, and I've only known her for a week. Thanks Man! Richard - Florida

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