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How to Pick Up Women Online

Picking up women online is one of the easiest things that a man can do -- yet so many guys struggle with it.  With several different online dating sites out there, there are literally millions of women on the internet right now actively LOOKING to date and hook up with a guy just like you.  Unfortunately, online dating sites are usually crowded with eager, lonely guys.  I have good news for you though.  There ARE ways to make yourself seem like an online GOLD-MINE to women and I am going to tell you exactly how to do it with my top three rules for learning how to pick up women online!

Rule #1 Have a good profile picture.

Having a good profile picture is the first and foremost thing you should have before we move any further.  Try to have a picture up of you doing something you love.  This can be a favorite hobby of yours, a sport you love, or just hanging out with friends.  The point to this is that you want to show the woman you are trying to attract that you love the things you do and you have fun doing it.  That you are a fun guy and that if she doesn't message you back then SHE is the one missing out.  Having your picture taken with attractive women (and people in general) doesn't hurt either.  This shows them that you have options in your life, and that finding someone isn't 100% of your life.  This makes you INSANELY more attractive then the person who just took a snap shot of themselves in the bathroom.

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Rule #2 Have a confident profile

The profile is arguably the most important thing if you want to successfuly pick up women online.  It should accurately describe you while at the same time being honest.  It is very important that show your confidence through your profile description.  You also want to show some humor as well.  A mixture of confidence and humor is a deadly combinationg for seducing women online. 

Rule # 3 Be unique

Being unique is what I consider to be the most vital thing to being successful with women online.  Women online are constantly bombarded with messages constantly saying the EXACT same thing over and over again.  Constantly guys are always telling them how beautiful they are and they beg for dates or phone numbers, etc. etc.  Don't do this.  You will get deleted just as fast as everyone else.  Instead, be unique.  Change the game up.  If you want to attract women online send her a message that is interesting.  Playfully make fun of her in your subject line.  For example, if her profile picture is her wearing weird shoes ask her where she got them because your baby sister would like a pair.  Don't come right off the bat asking for a date OR mention sex.   Trust me, this sounds counter-intuitive but it WORKS!  You are going to attract them by being different and by being funny!

Those are my top 3 tips for picking up women online.  These should provide a solid base for anyone who is just starting out.  This is just the tip of the ice-berg though.  If you want to learn more REAL techniques to help you seduce women online with ease, then check out my buddy's brand new guide by CLICKING HERE!

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