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Best Colognes to Attract Women

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What most people donít know is, people are like remotes, you can program them (and by NO way am I talking about NLP). Hereís a perfect example, everyone remembers what they smelt the first time the walked through the doors to get to kindergarten. Now, I donít know about you guys, but if Iím ever out and about, at a girls out or something, and I smell that same smell that was my kindergarten class room, my memories always go STRAIGHT back to my time spent in kindergarten, and I sort of ĎĎreliveí the experience for a few seconds. This is called Cologne Anchoring and it's PERFECT for picking up women, especially in the initial approach for ultimate attraction.

This is what Iím talking about gentleman.

If you can show a girl a GREAT time on a date, then cologne is the icing on the cake.

She will always remember that scent as YOUR scent. If she is ever shopping and she walks through a department store and she smells your cologne, she will INSTANTLY live back those memories she had with you. Even if she's dating another man with the same cologne, thanks to psychology, she will ALWAYS think of you.

How to use it

Your body gives off heat, if it didnít, youíd probably die. So, whatever body part gives off the most heat (within reason) and is obviously the

BEST place to apply your colognes.

- Upside of your wrists
- Sides of your neck
- Behind the ears

Now when I say behind the ears, I donít mean one huge spray behind each ear, I mean, just a dab, there is such thing as TOO MUCH COLOGNE, donít EVER over do it. With me, I usually do two sprays in the air and walk into it, then two sprays into my hands and I rub my palms, ears, and neck down with my hands. Also, A LOT of people will tell you to not spray your clothes because it lasts a few hours, well if your going to a club, then all you need is a few hours anyways. So generally,

I spray into the air and walk into it to give my clothes an Ďover-allí good smell, and then I apply my hot spots. But still, always keep it as light as possible.

Few tips to get you on your way to picking up and attraction women.

- Always keep a bottle of cologne in your car; you never know when you might need it.

- If you end up making your way over to a womanís house, keep a small bottle of your cologne with you. Spray the pillow before you leave, especially if you had sex the night before and you want to see her again. Just a light spray, but this will get her thinking about you, one of those anchor tricks I was talking about earlier.
- Switch your cologne up, NEVER wear the same cologne more then 2 days in a row.
- Sometimes combining colognes is a good idea, use with caution.
- THERE IS such thing as too much.

Which Colognes are for me?

Of course, there are THOUSANDS of colognes out there. Most people think all colognes are the same. Most people think like they can just throw on some Joop! or whatever else was in your in dads medicine cabinet and you'll be fine. This is WRONG in so many ways.

Now, when you are comparing colognes, you can compare them tons of ways. The two most common ways is cost and rarity, of course, the higher the price, the higher the rarity. But PLEASE listen to me when I say that higher price does NOT always equal better scent, but it usually is a good indicator. Usually, the BEST colognes cost in between 25 bucks to about 60 bucks.

I spoke earlier about a Ďscentí trigger effect, this is a DEFINATE plus when browsing

colognes, try to find a scent that isnít very common, something that is very Ďyouí, a great way to practice your nearly learned skills is to ask the hot desk lady what she thinks smells the best on you, and get her to help you try them out, thatís what theyíre there for. By the end of the day, I want you to have ATLEAST three different colognes after reading this guide.

Great, you guys got it now? Awesome, now, here are colognes we recommend:



Lucky Number 6 Cologne by Liz Claiborne

Lucky Number 6 Cologne by Liz Claiborne is one of the best colognes I've smelled recently. I just recently bought a bottle and I've had women complementing on it so much my ears are about to bleed! I give it a perfect 10/10

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Eternity Cologne by Calvin Klein

Eternity Cologne by Calvin Klein Is Classified As A Refreshing, Spicy,Lavender, Amber Fragrance. This Masculine Scent Possesses A Blend Of Greens, Crisp Jasmine, Sage, Basil, And Rosewood. It has more of a "formal" smell and would be best used if worn a suit, but it still has its uses for casual play. I give it a 9/10

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